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Top 10 Best Follow-me Drones of 2022

follow me drones
As soon as the follow-up function of the advanced drone was launched, it was cheered by the majority of drone players, and people were eager to try it. Using the intelligent follow-up function of advanced drones, drone users are no longer obsessed with how to take beautiful aerial photos, but increase the playability of shooting subjects.

2022 Buying Guide for Follow-Me Drones

Follow me drones
As the public's preference for consumer drones increases, drone technology continues to innovate and evolve to meet market needs. The Follow-me function has become a hot topic among drone players. How to make the drone follow me? Does Autel Nano+ have a follow me function?

The Best GPS Drones for Drone Beginners in 2022

Best GPS Drones

The GPS function can accurately locate the drone, equipped with most mid-range consumer drones, very friendly to drone beginners, and has a variety of drone budgets to choose a suitable GPS drone.For beginners of drones, drones with GPS systems will play a very important role in drone return, obstacle avoidance, and positioning.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of GPS Drones

GPS Drone Pros and Cons
GPS drones are already one of the new features that many drone consumers want to equip, so how much do you know about the GPS capabilities of drones? Here we will have an in-depth understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of GPS drones to help the majority of drone consumers make a correct judgment.