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Follow me drones

2022 Buying Guide for Follow-Me Drones

As the public's preference for consumer drones increases, drone technology continues to innovate and evolve to meet market needs. The Follow-me function has become a hot topic among drone players. How to make the drone follow me? Does Autel Nano+ have a follow me function?

What Is Follow Me Mode On a Drone?

The Follow Me feature on many consumer drone models allows the drone to follow you or any other object and shoot a continuous video of the tracked object without the need for you to control the drone manually the entire time. This works by making use of object detection , controller follow, or GPS or GLONASS.

How Many Drones Does Autel Drone Have With Follow?

Autel consumer drones have Autel EVO Nano series, Autel EVO Lite series and Autel EVO II Pro, EVO II series has follow me function, EVO Lite+ has launched person tracking function, EVO Nano series is still waiting for the next firmware update, Although many drone players are desperately eager for the follow me feature of the Autel EVO Nano+ to go live. That aside, the Autel EVO Nano+ is still the best 4k mini camera drone under $1000.

Camera Shots with EVO Nano+

What Are You Looking For In a Follow-Me Drone?

What are the most important factors for a Follow-Me drone? Please refer to this article.

Global Positioning System

GPS is the most important part of following the drone. The GPS function plays an important role in the positioning and returning of the drone. After the follow-me drone uses the visual sensor to determine the tracking object, the GPS system will track the subject object and complete the follow-up shooting or hovering shooting.


The range of the drone that follows me is also important. While toy drones may only have a range of around 100 meters, consumer drones are often several kilometers away, and high-quality long-range drones can be found for under $1,000.


The camera is another important feature of the follower drone. The follow me drone is equipped with a high-definition camera (usually a 4k camera) to capture photos and videos, allowing you to take selfies or photograph others. The Follow Me drone is also a more adventurous experience with a first-person view (FPV) camera, which allows us to see what the drone sees as it flies.

Picture Stabilization

When we freeze-frame a perfect moment in the air, the stability of the drone is a must. Most camera drones use a three-axis gimbal or electronic stabilizer to stabilize the frame. A three-axis gimbal will be better than an electronic stabilizer. Of course, a drone equipped with a three-axis gimbal has a higher investment value.

Drone Size

The "Follow Me" function is available on almost all kinds of drones. If you are a drone beginner or a casual drone pilot, I recommend you to buy a small-sized drone. These drones are often foldable and portable for the convenience of drone users. Among the foldable mini drones, my first recommendation is the Autel EVO Nano+, which is currently only $809.

Flight Duration

Another thing to consider when looking for a follower drone is flight time. How long does the drone last in the air? Most consumer drones can last around half an hour, which is enough for most drone users. If you are pursuing additional long-term outdoor flights, it is recommended to purchase additional drone accessories as spares.

Top Speed

When buying a follow-me drone to shoot some sports scenes, you need to consider the maximum speed of the Follow-me drone. The maximum speed of the Follow-me drone determines whether you can use the drone in some extreme sports challenges. , including parkour, mountain biking, surfing, rock climbing and more.

Quadcopter Weight

The weight of the Follow-me drone is also a factor to consider. The speed of a quadcopter is closely related to weight, and lighter drones are easier to control and keep up with while flying. Autel EVO Nano+ weighs 249g and has a maximum flight speed of 15m/s. In the United States, the drone's flight weight is exempt from registration restrictions.

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