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GPS Drone Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages Of GPS Drones

Who is looking for GPS drones?

GPS drones are already one of the new features that many drone consumers want to equip, so how much do you know about the GPS capabilities of drones? Here we will have an in-depth understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of GPS drones to help the majority of drone consumers make a correct judgment.

What Is A GPS Drone?

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GPS drones are equipped with a GPS module that enables them to know their position relative to a network of orbiting satellites. When connected to signals from these satellites, the drone can perform functions such as positioning, autonomous flight, return-to-home and waypoint navigation.

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Advantages of GPS Drones

drones with built-in GPS modules can help the drones in terms of flight performance and more advanced intelligent functions. For drone beginners, you don't have to master too many flying skills to fly a drone easily.

Drone Hovering Steadily

Drone hover photography is still manually controlled by the drone pilot? GPS drone can free your hands, once the GPS drone locks on the GPS signal, it can recognize and maintain its position in a fixed position.

The GPS drone can not only automatically correct back to its original position under the influence of wind by locking the GPS signal, but also maintain a stable flight and determine a fixed heading.

GPS Drone Hovering

RTH Function

For drone beginners, having your GPS drone without RTH capability will be a disastrous challenge. In the event of an accident (insufficient power, loss of video transmission, loss of remote control, disorientation), how to bring your drone back?

RTH function of the GPS drone

The RTH function of the GPS drone will go back to the starting point after an accident. Good news for all drone pilots.

Flight Log Record

The GPS drone can automatically create a flight log for each flight. The flight log will record all the operations during the flight and track and locate your drone in real time.

Waypoint Navigation

The presence of a GPS system allows the drone pilot to pre-plan the flight path or mission for the drone, thereby eliminating the need for much manual control. For professional drone photographers, route planning is possible to take specific photos. But more, many commercial sectors rely heavily on waypoint navigation in drone technology to provide aerial operations.

Waypoint Navigation

Disadvantages of GPS Drones

Cost Price

GPS drones are one of the fastest growing categories in the consumer drone market, ranging from GPS drones for drone beginners to GPS drones for professionals. Drone beginners can find the best GPS drones for under $1,000, while custom commercial GPS drones can cost upwards of $4,000.

The best GPS drone for drone beginners I recommend the Autel EVO Nano+ and the best GPS drone for commercial use I recommend the Autel EVO II Pro RTK Drone.

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Faster Power Consumption

The GPS module in the drone will drain the battery faster, that's for sure. When consumer drones start loading GPS modules, then the extra weight and extra technology required to operate the GPS modules will shorten battery life.

At present, in the consumer drone market, GPS drones under $1,000 often support a flight of about half an hour, and it is also a good choice to be equipped with additional drone battery accessories.

GPS Signal Lost

GPS-dependent functionality on drones relies on the signals they can receive. Whether it is GPS signal loss or delay, when flying the drone at a long distance, you will not be able to perceive the real-time position of the drone, and there is a possibility of crashing or flying away.

Refusing GPS Drones To Take Off

One of the more important points in GPS drones is that you cannot take off your drone in an environment with poor GPS signal. This could be due to an overly sensitive GPS sensor or a poor GPS receiver. In a strong magnetic environment, it will interfere with the GPS signal, so that the GPS drone cannot take off. In this case, the take-off position of the drone can be changed, or the RTK drone with high positioning accuracy can be used instead.

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