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High-Quality Aerial Photography Drone

How To Choose A High-Quality Aerial Photography Drone?

Countless drones began to flock to the drone market, and the coverage rate of drones in American homes can reach more than 90%. How to choose a high-quality aerial photography drone among the many drones? Here we will reveal the factors that affect aerial photography drones for you.

Aerial drones are different from ordinary toy drones, they win with high-quality cameras and flight performance. You can find 4k drones, 6k drones as well as 8k drones in high quality aerial drones.

Influencing Factors Of Aerial Photography Drones

6k camera gimbal

Camera Quality

Camera quality is a prerequisite for camera drones, and many camera drones are equipped with drone cameras that shoot video in 4K resolution. Still photos up to 20MP can also be taken.

Most drone players can find high-quality 4k aerial drones for under $1,000. These drones can shoot 4k video, support three-axis gimbal stabilization, and fly for about half an hour.

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The Gimbal Is Stable

The camera gimbal is one of the important considerations when buying a camera drone. A drone with a stable gimbal can prevent the picture from shaking and unclear. The gimbal camera drone with three-axis stabilization can also obtain high-quality aerial photos at high speed.

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Camera Adjustment

High-quality aerial photography drones often support the adjustment of various camera parameters in order to obtain high-quality photos and videos. Drone users can check whether the camera drone supports focus adjustment, ISO range adjustment, lens focal length, whether it has zoom function, etc.

Shooting Mode

Don't want your photos to stay the same? High-quality aerial photography drones also support a variety of shooting modes, including single shooting, continuous shooting, super time-lapse, panorama, 360° panoramic photos, etc., as well as storage formats under different files, files stored in RAW format will be It is easier to modify than files stored in JPG format without compromising picture quality.

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Flight Time

Camera drone flight times typically range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. For professional pilots and more serious aerial videographers, flight time matters. Long-lasting drones are beneficial for drone users to design more shots to capture regardless of time. Among the Autel consumer drones, the EVO Nano series has a flight time of 28 minutes and the EVO Lite series has a flight time of 40 minutes. The EVO II Pro flight time is 40 minutes.

Autonomous Flight Mode

Autel EVO Nano+ Provide four automatic shooting modes Rocket, Flick, fade away, and orbit

Autonomous flight modes tend to exist only in advanced drones. The autonomous flight mode depends on the programming ability of the drone. You only need to pre-set the flight route of the drone, and you can take professional aerial photography without manual control.

  • Follow me - The drone will automatically follow you and capture what you're doing.
  • Course Lock - Lets you fly in a set direction.
  • SkyPortrait- Selfie mode, the portrait is clear and the background is blurred.
  • Points of Interest - Set specific points for the drone to circle around.
  • Freeze Attention - The drone hovers in the air at a fixed position to take pictures.
  • Back to Home - Press the button and the drone returns to you.
  • Cine Shots in the Autel App - Simple and Efficient

For the first time, the Autel Sky App has built-in four automatic shooting modes, including Rocket, Away, Orbit, and Flick. Drone users can get cinematic cool footage without adjustment. The autonomous flight mode of the aerial drone makes it easier for the pilot to maneuver the drone and get amazing aerial shots.

Image Transmission Distance

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone with 10KM 2.7K/30FPS Video Transmission

The image transmission distance refers to the maximum straight-line distance of the signal between the controller and the drone. High-quality aerial photography drones often have an image transmission distance of up to 10 kilometers without signal interference, which is very amazing. For the average drone user, taking aerial photos may be just flying around, and they don't want to say goodbye to drones.

FPV Capability

FPV (First Person View) capability is a huge advantage when taking aerial photos and videos. You can see what the camera is seeing in real time, ensuring the most accurate photo possible. FPV drones are often used to shoot high-speed moving objects, and the picture will become very impactful.

If you are investing in drones because you are attracted by the aerial footage of the drone, then I suggest that you must understand how to choose a high-quality aerial camera drone. We also recommend the following:

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