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Aerial Photography Drone EVO II Pro in 2022

Aerial Photography Drone EVO II Pro in 2022

Aerial photography is really fun, with drones you can take great shots and have some advanced stuff. If you want to take high-quality aerial photos, start here!

Maybe you've seen the amazing aerial photos and videos that drones can make, and you're probably thinking, "I can do it." You can. Flying a drone capable of top-notch aerial photography isn't overly complicated, but you shouldn't rush into a high-priced drone like the DJI Inspire.

It is recommended that you start with an inexpensive drone, learn to fly, gain some experience and establish your shooting style. When it comes to aerial drones, the EVO II Pro from Autel Robotics deserves a high priority, an investment that can take professional-quality footage.

The camera on the EVO II Pro is one of the most advanced drone cameras on the market today. Compared with the EVO Nano series, obstacle avoidance, flight time and range are also added. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of the EVO II Pro drone.

Auto Follow Me in EVO II Pro

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Rugged Bundle - EVO 2 6k Camera Drone front display

In follow mode, the drone tracks portable beacons and uses a combination of GPS, AI, and user input to plan a cinematic path so the camera is always aimed at a moving target. In some impressive test footage, the drone was able to follow ATV riders around trees in dense woods, a task that some more expensive systems simply can't do.

Housed in a small case that hides its sensor package, the drone delivers stunning HDR video at 6k/fps, 4K/60fps and HDR photos at 20MP and 120Mbps. The drone also supports time-lapse photography, film angle lenses, etc., the first choice for aerial photography drones.

Is the Autel EVO II Pro a DJI Replacement?

This powerful, image- and film-focused drone is a great alternative to DJI's size-class products. Like the Skydio, the Evo II Pro can use GPS to simultaneously track the position and velocity of targets, accurately predict their trajectory, and keep track of them. The smart controller of the Autel Evo II Pro will precisely control your drone.

Autel EVO II Pro with Super Powerful Sensor

The Autel Evo II Pro drone is equipped with 19 sets of sensors, including 12 visual sensors, main camera, ultrasonic, IMU and other sensors to build 3D maps and path planning in real time, and images are the core of what the Evo II does so well.

The camera configuration of EVO II Pro gives aerial photographers the best guarantee

Supporting video resolutions up to 6K, the EVO II Pro features greater dynamic range and enhanced noise reduction, and it uses Sony's latest generation of ultra-sensitive CMOS sensors to capture impressive low-light photos. With adjustable ISO and aperture settings, it's a photographer's dream with some unexpected tricks, including hyper-lapse photography in 6K and rich detail with support for 4K HDR recording.

A good flight transmission system is the photographer's best help.

With a flight time of 40 minutes, a speed of 45 mph and a maximum range of 5.59 miles, the EVO II Pro is a great travel companion and ideal for action photography.

Photography and film drive the drone industry in professional and professional markets. The lines between the two are blurring, with production and sub-$4,000 drones offering commercial-grade quality and advanced flight capabilities that were exclusive to the highest-end devices a few years ago.

All in all, owning an aerial photography-grade drone is a valuable personal asset for you.

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