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Autel Drone Camera | EVO Nano Plus in Aerial Photography Magic

Autel Drone Camera | EVO Nano Plus in Aerial Photography Magic

The development of the drone industry stems from the impact of the great technological revolution of aerial photography perspective.

Plenty of drones with built-in cameras or camera-mounted options are starting to pop up. Advanced drones incorporate a gimbal and camera. They are responsible for the stabilization of the camera and the compensation that needs to be done to get perfectly still and balanced photos in any flight conditions.

Flying an FPV is a completely unique experience. FPV takes you into the cockpit of the drone. You can get a true "bird's eye" view from the sky.

A 3-axis gimbal has become standard and is especially needed by aerial and photography professionals, making it easier for them to capture footage without constantly compensating for vibration, turbulence, wind, etc.

Mini Nano Drones are More Popular

Autel EVO Drone mini nano

Mini drones are usually small, lightweight, portable and durable. You can fly them both indoors and outdoors. They are less noisy and less dangerous than larger, more powerful FPV drones. Here we recommend the Autel EVO Nano+ drone, the best foldable mini drone is the top choice, even the sub-250g Autel EVO Nano+ drone kills the DJI mini2 drone.

A great camera: This is of course obvious. A good camera is the first step to taking good pictures. What makes a camera great? Well-designed lenses, large high-quality sensors, and customizable camera settings are a good start. The mechanical shutter doesn't hurt either.

Autel EVO Nano+ Camera Specs: The Autel Evo Nano+ is a small drone under 250 grams, a mini drone with three-way obstacle avoidance, automatic flight mode, plus an absolutely stunning 4K camera, it's a sensation for a while. The 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor and PDAF+CDAF focusing system have brought unprecedented changes to our photography. Who can resist 4k video and photos from a drone's bird's-eye view?

RYYB Color Filter: The Autel EVO Nano+ uses an RYYB color filter array design that increases the light input by 40% with the same lens and sensor. Paired with a large aperture of f/1.9, it's great for night or low-light shots, producing high-quality images with ease.

Autel Sky APP Short Video Clip Plan: Well-edited videos usually stay no more than 5-10 seconds in a single scene to maintain visual interest. Adjust your scene accordingly. The Autel Sky APP has set up a wealth of movie scene transitions for us, and the picture quickly transitions from one scene to another, creating a movie atmosphere.

The Autel EVO Nano+ is a revelation in terms of excellent camera quality. In the future, more and more people will record their lives through the first perspective of drones, and the aerial cameras on drones will become better.

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