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White Balance Setting Instructions for Autel Drones

What is the white balance of a drone?

The white balance of the drone refers to the process of adjusting the drone camera to accurately restore the true color of the object under different lighting conditions. Under different lighting conditions, the colors in the image may appear biased, and white balance can correct this bias, making the whites in the image look true and accurate.

Color Temperature Explanation for Drone Camera White Balance

White balance is achieved by setting the color temperature of the camera. Color temperature is a parameter used to describe the color of the light source, expressed in the unit "Kelvin (K)". Generally speaking, a lower color temperature (such as 2000K to 4000K) will give an image a warmer tone, while a higher color temperature (such as 6000K to 10000K) will give an image a cooler tone.

Common Color Temperature Values

  • Daylight = 55000K
  • Overcast = 6500K
  • Darkness = 7500K
  • Normal room light = 3000K
  • Indoor fluorescent lighting = 4000K

During a drone shoot, the camera will often offer an automatic white balance (AWB) feature to automatically adjust the color temperature based on the lighting conditions in the scene. However, in some special cases, the automatic white balance may not be able to accurately identify and correct the color deviation. At this time, you can manually set the white balance value to obtain a more accurate color reproduction effect.

In order to set the white balance correctly, you can do the following:

Auto White Balance (AWB): For most drone users, they usually use the auto white balance setting of the drone camera. Drone cameras usually automatically adjust the white balance based on the color temperature of the ambient light.

Manual white balance (user setting): In some special cases, automatic white balance and preset mode may not meet the requirements, you can manually set the white balance value. For some drone photography enthusiasts, this can continuously improve their drone shooting skills.

Before adjusting the white balance setting of the Autel drone camera, you can check the user manual for operation, or you can continue to adjust it according to experience until the satisfactory effect is achieved.

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