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Autel Drone Enters Attitude Mode For Indoor Driving

When the pilot flies the Autel drone indoors, the drone will automatically enter the attitude mode. Novice drones need to pay special attention to this. Next, we will explain the precautions for indoor flying the drone into the attitude mode.

What is Attitude Mode?

ATTI mode is when you fly without smart flight features like GPS positioning and optical sensors. When flying in attitude mode, you must manually fly the drone without any assistance or auto-correction.

In ATTI mode, lacking satellites and sensors for positioning, the drone may drift sideways or lose altitude without manual intervention by the pilot.

Can I fly the Autel drone indoors?

Of course you can, but you also need to make sure you have some drone flying experience.

Flying drones indoors brings space manipulation challenges to pilots and tests the drone pilot's manual driving ability. When flying an Autel drone indoors, the drone enters the attitude mode. At this time, the driver manually takes over the drone to control the flying direction and altitude of the drone.

Indoor flight instructions:

Pay attention to sources of interference: Wi-Fi, FM radio, Bluetooth speakers, and other sources

Pay attention to space interference: due to obstacles in the placement of indoor items, it is easy to damage something or someone, pay attention to property risks.

Pay attention to keep calm: Indoor drones encounter more unexpected situations, so you need to keep calm, don't try to eliminate mistakes and take drastic actions will only lead to more accidents.

Drone attitude learning: Roll, Pitch and Yaw

The attitude mode of the indoor drone is mainly to adjust the attitude of the drone to maintain balance and stability.

In a drone, attitude generally involves three main directions: Roll, Pitch, and Yaw.

  • Roll: Roll is the movement of the drone rotating around the front and rear axes of the fuselage. Rolling motion occurs when the drone is tilted left or right.
  • Pitch: Pitch is the movement of the drone to rotate around the horizontal axis of the fuselage. Pitching occurs when the drone tilts up or down.
  • Yaw: Yaw is the motion of a drone rotating around an axis perpendicular to the ground. Yaw motion occurs when the drone rotates around its vertical axis.

By adjusting these attitude parameters, the drone can maintain a balanced and stable flight state in the air. In attitude mode, the drone usually uses built-in sensors (such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, etc.) to detect its current attitude, and then the flight control system will adjust according to the detected attitude information to maintain stability.

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