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How does Wind Affect Drone Flight?

The flight safety of drones is extremely vulnerable to external environmental interference, such as strong magnetic areas, weather and environmental reasons, etc. Here, we will explain, how does wind affect drone flight?

The impact of strong winds on drone flight?

Most drones are marked with a wind rating. Such as Autel EVO Nano+5 level wind resistance, EVO Lite+7 level wind resistance, EVO II series 8 level wind resistance. The wind resistance level of the drone determines the flight applicability of the drone.

In strong winds, the drone may face problems such as difficulty in taking off, wobbling, being blown away by the wind, time and space of the drone, and faster battery drain.

Staying out of the way of strong winds is one of the safest ways we can keep our drones flying safely.

How do I fly drones on a windy day?

Wind Affect Drone Flight

Preparing to Fly a Drone

Knowing and monitoring current wind speed and direction is important. In addition, a reasonable flight plan and flight parameter settings can help deal with the impact of wind and ensure that the drone can maintain a stable and safe flight in the wind.

Keep spare batteries

Flying against the wind can significantly reduce the drone's battery life, which in turn can make flight times unpredictable and dangerous. Stick to flying up to two-thirds of the drone's listed flight time in high winds to avoid the drone stopping mid-flight and crashing unexpectedly.

Short flight

Strong winds can seriously affect your drone's flight patterns - you could lose your drone! So keep the drone within your line of sight when flying in strong winds as you cannot rely on the drone GPS in high winds.

Don't fly over people

In strong winds, the drone's mechanisms tend to overreact. When encountering a gust, the drone accelerates, but when the gust suddenly slows down, the drone cannot immediately recalibrate its speed. Therefore, it is very important to keep your drone at a certain distance from nearby objects or people - this can be a dangerous situation!

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