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What to Know Before Autel Drone Servicing

When there is a problem with your Autel drone, should you choose to repair or buy a new one at the first time? Depends on the actual situation. High-quality drones are expensive, and repairs are often more cost-effective than replacements. If you need to service your Autel drone, here are some things you should know.

1. Leave it to the professionals

Many drone enthusiasts will create their own drones through DIY, so can you DIY repair drones? Repairing a drone is more difficult than assembling it, and doing it wrong can cause more damage. Meanwhile, DIY repairs may void the warranty.

Drone repairers have more experience and can safely repair any damage without voiding the warranty or making the situation worse.

2. Know what can be fixed and what can't

Common damage to drones comes from the interference of water vapor and dust on electronic components, and drone accidents caused by loss of control during flight. Most parts of the drone can be repaired if necessary, but in the case of severe damage, the cost of buying a new aircraft is better than the high cost of repair.

When the drone still cannot restore its own balance, the flight is wobbly, the axis of the camera gimbal cannot be rotated, and the drone and the communication remote control cannot be connected, etc., it must be repaired by professionals. Of course, minor repairs including propellers, landing gear, minor camera damage, and replacement of aircraft arms can also be determined based on actual conditions.

3. What about the warranty?

A device's warranty is designed to replace it if something goes wrong, but usually only covers manufacturing defects. It's a common misconception that taking your phone to a repair shop will void your warranty, but that's not true. Confirmed manufacturing defects are usually compensated with free repairs or a new drone.

4. Autel Care Plan

The difference between the Autel Care plan and the drone warranty is that the warranty is free, and the Autel Care plan is equivalent to paying the maintenance cost in advance, which is an insurance service.

The Autel warranty only covers manufacturing defects and not anything resulting from operator error. However, the Autel Care plan has a detailed replacement plan for each model of Autel drone.

Regardless of whether you have crashed or dropped damage caused by operational errors or signal interference, they are all included in the drone replacement plan. Purchasing insurance service for Autel drone is a very wise choice.

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5. Find an Autel drone after-sales repair point near me

If your drone has a flight accident, I guess you will take out your mobile phone and open the map to search for the after-sales repair point of the drone near you, and choose to repair your drone. If you purchase in the Autelpilot store, then congratulations, you will get the maintenance service of the Autel drone US after-sales point, instead of looking for some drone repair shops by yourself.

Once your drone has any flight accidents, please contact us first to explain the situation, and we will get in touch with the Autel drone US after-sales point. You only need to send the drone to confirm the after-sales service issued by Autel’s US maintenance point Repair order, free or paid depending on the situation, and wait a few days for your new drone.

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