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Drone Selfies: Do You Know Autel Drone SkyPortrait Portrait Mode?

Drone selfie or droneie, on Instagram and Tiktok, is one of the favorite drone tags for photography drone users. Drone selfie has become a new popular way of taking selfies, and it is being interesting and creative way to show the world who you are!

In order to obtain high-quality drone selfie photos, it is necessary to ensure that the drone has a good ability to hover and take pictures, which involves the stability control of the aircraft itself and the stability of the camera gimbal. Therefore, if you want to have a good quality selfie photo with a drone, you need a drone with a 4K camera, a three-axis stabilized gimbal, a certain wind resistance and long-lasting battery life.

Here we explain the SkyPortrait portrait mode for Autel consumer drones.

Autel SkyPortrait portrait mode exists in Autel EVO Nano series drones and EVO Lite series drones, SkyPortrait portrait mode is a good way for drones to take selfies. Tap SkyPortrait mode and the drone will automatically take off, auto-adjusting the shot to include everyone, and at the same time, you can choose to have the Nano+ automatically blur the background to focus only on you and your friends for an extra cinematic/portrait effect.

The drone selfie eliminates the space boundary, and also eliminates the lens distortion caused by taking a selfie with a mobile phone, or taking a selfie stick. You can make full use of the drone camera to get a good selfie.

Autel EVO Nano series drones and EVO Lite series drones have three-axis gimbals and high-definition 4K image screens. The EVO Nano series has a battery life of 28 minutes, and the EVO Nano series has a battery life of 40 minutes. Among them, the Autel EVO Lite drone It has a four-axis gimbal and can take lossless vertical shots. It is loved by Vlogger bloggers and is one of the best vlogger drones.

Get a selfie drone instead of learning how to take selfies with a drone. The SkyPortrait portrait mode of EVO Nano series drones and EVO Lite series drones will give you unexpected wonderful drone selfie images.

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