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How To Optimize The Drone Video Transmission Signal?

The drone image transmission signal is a key issue that every drone flying enthusiast should pay attention to. Why is my image transmission signal weaker, why does the image transmission signal disappear, why is there a delay and unclear picture? Here, we will give a comprehensive answer.

The drone with a camera overlooks everything from the sky, and the remote control transmits all this in real time. The efficiency and quality of image transmission affect the flying pleasure and driving enthusiasm of the drone pilot.

What is image transmission?

drone image transmission

Image transmission is to convert the image signal captured by the drone into a digital signal, and then convert it into an image when it is transmitted to the remote control display. In the meantime, the image is lossless and the signal is transmitted in real time.

The Autel Skylink transmission system is a self-developed wireless communication technology that can seamlessly transmit the images captured by the drone camera from the aircraft to the remote control, and display the transmitted signal on the USB external device or built-in display through the APP, providing users with high-definition and low-latency images.

Currently, the Autel EVO Nano/Lite series uses the Skylink 2.0 transmission system, and the EVO II V3 series uses the Skylink 3.0 transmission system.

What affects the image transmission signal?

In a typical flight environment, factors such as high-voltage lines, mobile signal base stations, trees, and building obstructions will affect the transmission of image transmission signals. These factors will interfere with or destroy signal transmission, which may cause serious problems such as image freezes and loss, thereby affecting flight safety.

Get ready for takeoff

  • Choose an open and unobstructed environment to fly before takeoff;
  • Check whether the signal bar is full and whether the signal interference is minimal;
  • Avoid flying behind obstacles such as tall buildings and mountains.

How to achieve a strong image transmission signal?

strong image transmission signal

Avoid being blocked by objects

When radio signals are transmitted in the air, signal attenuation occurs. Obstacles in the flight environment will aggravate this effect, thereby affecting the transmission distance. Taking the WIFI signal of a home router as an example, the Wi-Fi signal will weaken after passing through a wall.

Adjust the placement of the drone and remote controller

As the drone flies farther, the angle between the remote controller and the drone connection line and the horizon will decrease, resulting in more obstacles such as shorter buildings, more trees, and uneven terrain, which ultimately limits the transmission distance.

Therefore, try to avoid reducing obstructions as much as possible, ensure that there is no obvious height difference between the drone and the remote controller, and keep the antenna aligned. If you create a drone mission for flight, please plan the flight path in advance.

Avoid electromagnetic interference

The drone image transmission and remote controller both use wireless transmission, and electromagnetic interference poses a huge threat to flight safety. During flight, pay attention to keep a distance from potential signal interference sources, and monitor signal interference through the image transmission settings.

When flying outdoors, electromagnetic interference sources include but are not limited to: Wi-Fi hotspots, routers, Bluetooth devices, high-voltage lines, large power transmission and substations, mobile base stations, broadcast towers, etc.

Anti-interference drones refer to drones that usually support multiple frequency bands (such as 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz). Choosing a frequency band with less interference can improve signal quality.

Ensure the performance of the remote control or display

The other end of the drone is a remote control with a screen, a mobile phone, or other display. If the mobile device has poor performance, such as overheating or poor decoding ability, it may cause screen delay or freeze. During the flight, it is very important to cool down the overheated mobile device in time.


The transmission power of the signal is subject to wireless regulations in different countries and regions, which limit the maximum capabilities of antennas and RF hardware. When we want to start long-distance flights, we must optimize our image transmission signals and endurance.

This guide explains the basic definition of drone image transmission and the key factors that affect drone image transmission signals. Optimizing the video transmission signal of the drone helps ensure the safety and smoothness of the flight, while improving the flight experience and video quality.

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