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How To Upgrade A Cheap Drone?

I believe that buying a cheap drone is the first step for most flying enthusiasts, reducing the risk of collision and gaining the fun of drone flying. However, after we have initially mastered the essentials of cheap drone flight, is it worthwhile to try a higher-performance drone that requires a larger investment? Perhaps you can try to upgrade and improve your cheap drone.

Improving drone performance mainly starts from the aspects of battery life, flight distance, camera performance, image transmission performance, etc., so that cheap drones have a performance experience closer to high-end models.

Steps to upgrade cheap drones:

1. Upgrade batteries

Prepare larger capacity batteries or carry multiple spare batteries.

Large-capacity batteries can better extend flight time, and spare batteries are easy to replace and continue flying. However, when replacing large-capacity batteries, pay attention to whether the size and weight of the battery are suitable for the drone. For branded drones, usually each model has a corresponding battery.

2. Improve the camera

The quality of the drone camera is also an important part of improving the fun of flying. Cheap drones may be equipped with 480P cameras, 720p cameras or 1080p cameras, and may be falsely marked 4K cameras.

Upgrade the high-resolution camera, add or upgrade the gimbal stabilizer, and the three-axis gimbal can reduce the camera shake during flight and keep the captured images and videos stable.

3. Replace the propeller

High-performance propellers can reduce wind resistance and improve the flight stability and endurance of the drone. Installing a propeller cover can also help reduce the risk of propeller damage during flight and improve safety.

High-performance propellers: Replacing with lightweight and high-efficiency propellers can improve the flight stability and endurance of the drone.

Propeller cover: Install a cover to reduce the risk of propeller damage during flight and improve safety.

4. Enhance the remote control and signal

If you want the drone to fly farther, you need to enhance the drone's image transmission signal and remote control signal. For example, add a high-gain antenna and signal amplifier to increase signal strength and control range.

5. Add a GPS module

The GPS module is a step further for drone performance. Drones with GPS can achieve advanced functions such as fixed-point hovering and automatic return, improving flight accuracy and safety.

6. Improve the flight control system

Improving the flight control system can start with upgrading the flight control board and firmware, providing more stable flight control and more flight mode options.

7. Add obstacle avoidance sensors

Usually, cheap drones do not come with obstacle avoidance sensors. The function of obstacle avoidance sensors is to identify obstacles in the surrounding environment and actively avoid or stop. Add three-way or omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors to drones to improve the safety and automation of drones in complex environments.

8. Install LED lights and other accessories

If you want to fly at night, obstacle avoidance LED lights are essential, which will improve the visibility of the drone during night flight and help others find your drone faster.

Other accessories for drones: such as extended brackets, landing gear, camera filters, etc., can also enhance the functions and usage experience of drones.

9. Improve software and applications

Some drones can download and add more professional flight software and aerial photography planning software, weather software, etc., to help improve the flight mode and shooting options of drones and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of mission execution.

10. Improve maintenance and care

After upgrading your cheap drone, remember to check and clean it regularly and replace worn parts in time. Checking and maintaining your drone helps extend its life and ensures its flight safety and performance.


Through the above methods, you can effectively improve the performance and functionality of your cheap drone, making it perform better in various flight missions. Choose the right upgrade plan based on your specific needs and budget to ensure the best performance of your drone during operation.

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