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Get Peace of Mind: Tips For Making Drone Insurance Repairs and Replacements

Many people buy drone insurance with the hope that they will never use it. However, if you are involved in a flying accident and your drone components are damaged, you will need insurance to be able to claim repair or replacement service.

Autel Robotics Care is a protection plan from Autel Robotics that allows you to replace your drone for free in case of accidental damage! The drone warranty covers the repair of damage caused to the drone due to accidents caused by the drone's own malfunction during normal use within the one-year period of use of the Autel drone.

When a drone incident occurs, there are certain things you must do immediately. Your operation method determines who is responsible if the drone is damaged, which requires uploading the drone logs for analysis.

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drone repair

My drone was injured while it was covered under warranty

When our drone crashes unexpectedly during flight and the drone components are damaged, we should contact Autel after-sales support at this time. Submit the drone flight log as soon as possible, retain on-site evidence, and keep in close contact with after-sales support.

When the drone accident is caused by human factors, such as not noticing obstructions on the way back, not paying attention to the flying location, etc., and the drone crashes unexpectedly, maintenance fees will be charged.

When the drone accident is due to mechanical reasons, such as the drone losing control, the drone signal being disconnected, etc., the drone is lost or crashes, Autel Robotics will bear the maintenance costs.

My drone was injured outside the warranty period

When the one-year warranty period of the drone has expired, Autel Robotics will no longer be responsible for repair costs regardless of the reason.

Is it worth buying Autel Robotics Care?

Autel Robotics Care for drones

The most useful thing about Autel Robotics Care is the replacement service. There is no need to confirm the party responsible for the flight accident. You can directly apply for a one-time replacement service. A strong guarantee!

Autelpilot is preparing for the launch of Autel Robotics Care!

Learn more about Autel Robotics Care: What is Autel Robotics Care & Third Party Liability Insurance?

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