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Autel Drone Repair

3 Things to Know About Autel Drone Repair

It's a worthwhile investment when you're buying a new Autel drone, and the better the drone, the more expensive the investment. Drones are high-precision electronic devices, and it is not worth replacing the drone equipment with a new one for minor damage; instead, you can repair them to save money and extend the life of the equipment. Here are some tips to help you with your repair.

Can I perform repairs on drone equipment myself?

Drone repair requires assessing the drone for damage. If it is a hardware failure, by purchasing a replacement drone accessory to replace it, then your DIY repair is fine at this point. In the case of non-replaceable hardware damage, unless you have the expertise and experience to make these repairs, the risk of damaging the device usually outweighs the benefits.

Self repairs may void the warranty

Autel drones can be guaranteed for one year in case of damage caused by non-human factors. If secondary damage is caused to the drone equipment in the case of self-repair, the warranty may be void. Therefore, it is usually best to have the repair done through the Autel aftermarket, or to send it back to us.

Don't forget, Autelpilot supports US aftermarket repair points

Autelpilot store, as one of the largest US distributors of Autel Robotics, fully supports US after-sales maintenance services, which is not supported by other countries. Once your drone equipment is damaged, send it to Autel’s US after-sales maintenance center for damage identification, so as to provide faster and better after-sales maintenance services.

The drone may be formatted during the maintenance process. If you store some drone images or drone videos in the drone, please upload it to the cloud or download it to the SD card for backup. to avoid data loss.

Autelpilot is your trustworthy Autel drone sales store, where we have 24-hour customer service, as well as US after-sales maintenance guarantee.

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