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How to improve the temperature measurement accuracy error of thermal imaging drone?

Infrared Thermal Imaging drone As an industrial-grade UAV drone, infrared thermal imaging has become a powerful method following visual inspection and can be used to detect more complex or low-visibility environments.

In thermal imaging drones, the temperature measurement accuracy of the drone is first considered. But once there is a large error in the temperature measurement value of the drone, what should we do?

Example of thermal imaging drone 640T temperature measurement and human body error:

Human body temperature measurement by thermal camera drone

In the above image, you can see the obvious difference in the temperature measurement of the human body. Since the thermal imaging drone 640T has multiple temperature measurement modes, we can first use other temperature measurement modes to observe the changes in temperature measurement values.

Improvement method for human body temperature measurement settings using thermal imaging drones:

  • 1. Turn off the high gain and set the infrared setting parameters reasonably
  • 2. Check all camera settings
  • 3. Reset the camera to see if it is the same
  • 4. Press FFC to refresh and wait 7 seconds to see if there is any change
  • 5. Is the current firmware version of the camera the latest version?
  • 6. Compare different temperature measurement modes such as dot measurement and regional temperature measurement
  • 7. Check if the camera is low gain or high gain
  • 8. Determine the approximate temperature of the object to be measured

After the above settings, the infrared thermal imaging drone can perform normal temperature measurement.

The temperature measurement accuracy of infrared thermal imaging drone is affected by the environment

autel evo ii 640T V3 区域热成像

The temperature measurement accuracy of any infrared drone is affected by the environment. Regardless of the environment, the temperature measurement accuracy of the drone has no meaning.

1. The Autel EVO II 640T has been calibrated and tested by a black body at 30°C. The temperature measured by the drone is 29.5°C in a static state and 30.4°C in a flight state, which meets the parameters and factory requirements.

2. The pitch angle of the gimbal and the moment when the wind blows will also have a certain impact on the temperature measurement: the best measurement angle should be that the lens is perpendicular to the surface to be measured. The moment the wind blows will also cause the measured temperature to be lower than the real temperature.

3. Do not shoot objects with high reflectivity, such as mirrors, glass, etc. Infrared can not measure the temperature accurately. If you must measure, you can set the emissivity in the lower right corner of the APP camera. The human body is generally 95-98%, and the machine is generally is 95%, the mirror is 90%.

The resolution of the infrared sensor is closely related to the blackbody

In order to obtain better temperature measurement results, infrared drones often need to combine high-precision infrared detectors and black bodies. Under some extreme conditions, the effect of the scheme may differ by 1 degree whether blackbody is added or not.

The higher the resolution of the infrared detector, the higher the accuracy is relatively speaking. The Autel EVO II 640T drone has high-precision temperature measurement, which can accurately detect heat sources within a distance of 2-15 meters, and uses advanced infrared distance compensation algorithms to control the temperature measurement error within ±3 degrees or ±3% of the reading ( whichever is larger), the ambient temperature should be -20°C~60°C.

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