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Can I Take A Drone On A Plane?

The best scenery is always on the road, and it's cool to travel far with a drone and let it record. But the question is, can drones be brought on plane?

Currently the TSA or FAA do not have any restrictions on carrying drones on board. But we should pay attention to that drones are live products, and airlines always have strict regulations on batteries. For example, most airlines do not allow passengers to travel with lithium-ion batteries in excess of 160 Wh.

What do you need to do before taking your drone on a plane?

First of all, make sure that your drone is turned off, and you have a suitable drone backpack or drone box for transportation to avoid damage during travel.

Second, take your battery out of the drone. Drones with batteries are not allowed in checked baggage. Please do not put the drone battery in the checked luggage, as it will be detected during the baggage security check at the airport and cause boarding delays.

The reason why lithium batteries of drones are not checked is to avoid the danger caused by the large amount of heat generated by lithium batteries. Therefore, your drone battery will be taken out separately and you will take it with you.

Can I take an Autel drone on a plane?

Autel drones can of course accompany you on trips around the world. Here are the battery specifications of the Autel drone, and you will quickly understand the battery specifications of the drone to avoid being detained at the airport security check.

Autel Drones Batteries Capacity Energy
EVO Nano Series Battery 2250mAh  17.32Wh
EVO Lite Series Battery 6175mAh 68.7Wh
EVO II Series Battery 7100mAh 82Wh
EVO Max Series Battery 8070mAh 120wh

Note: The battery specifications used by each series of Autel drones are the same.

How to carry Autel drone on the plane?

The best way to carry an Autel drone on a plane is in a carry-on bag. Each series of Autel drones has different backpacks to choose from, which can completely store the drone and most of its accessories.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Series Shoulder Bag

EVO Nano Series Shoulder Bag


Autel Robotics EVO Lite Series Shoulder Bag

EVO Lite Series Shoulder Bag


Autel Robotics EVO II Series Shoulder Bag

EVO II Series Shoulder Bag


Autel Robotics EVO Max Series Shoulder Bag

EVO Max Series Shoulder Bag


I hope that after reading this article, you understand that you can take a drone on a plane without any problems. Of course, traveling around the world with a drone is a wonderful thing, but when flying a drone locally, you also need to understand the relevant local regulations on drone flying to avoid fines or confiscation of drones.

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