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Autel Robotics UAV Drone Certification Updating For EU Regulations

Autel Robotics UAV Drone Certification Updating For EU Regulations

Dear Autel Robotics Customer,

We would like to provide you with some important information regarding certification requirements for Autel drones and upcoming changes under EU drone regulations. Here's what you need to know:

Deadline extended: In accordance with Regulations (EU) 2019/947 and 2019/945, the deadline for marking new drones with UAS class identification tags has been extended to 1 January 2024. Autel Robotics is currently making the certification process available for drones (details below).

Certification levels and content: In accordance with EU regulations, we classify our drone models according to certification levels and regulatory requirements. These levels are defined by weight, remote ID, noise level, geo-awareness system, etc.

Accreditation progress: We are working with one of the largest and most trusted accreditation bodies in Europe to ensure classification mark accreditation by the implementation date of January 2024.

The following drone models from Autel Robotics will be marked accordingly:






C3 / C4






Flight Category



A2 / A3


Autel Robotics Aircraft

EVO Nano

EVO Nano+

EVO Lite

EVO Lite+

EVO II V3 Series

EVO Max Series

Alpha Series

Titan Series

Dragonfish Series

*Alpha Serie and Titan Series are currently still in testing, with a release date to be determined.

Autel Robotics is committed to ensuring our drones meet the necessary certification standards, providing you with a reliable and compliant product to support your consumer and business operations and missions.

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When flying your drone in Europe, no matter whether the drone is from the United States, China or purchased locally, you need to abide by the local civil aviation management regulations and laws and regulations, such as registering and obtaining a license in accordance with the regulations.

Can Autel drones continue to fly without CE certification?

Now it is still possible to fly the Autel drone, pay attention to abide by the relevant drone regulations and stay away from the no-fly zone.

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