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Best Beginner’s Guide to Drones of 2024

Want to start buying a drone and try flying it in 2024? Do you know enough about drones? Take a look at this most comprehensive 2024 drone beginner’s guide.

What kind of drone do you want?

Buying a consumer drone for fun? Or buying a commercial drone to make money? Drones are strictly regulated, and you need to understand and comply with all flight regulations for drone operation before flying.

To fly a drone in the United States, drones weighing less than 250g are exempt from registration. Drones weighing more than 250g and used for commercial flights need to pass the Part 107 test to obtain a drone pilot license. The flying height cannot be higher than 400 feet, and they are not allowed to fly over the heads of others. above.

Autel Drones

Choose your drone correctly

Think carefully about what is your purpose of buying a drone? HD image quality or exciting drone piloting? The Autel drone range contains several drones of varying levels, with the EVO Nano series being the most popular mini drones that offer 4K video. The EVO Lite consumer drone series is even better in terms of images, capable of shooting 6K 20MP video.

Drone takeoff/landing

When you're flying in unfamiliar conditions, it's important to know the best places to take off and land. It is a good choice to buy a drone landing pad, which will help your drone take off and land on a relatively flat place away from the impact of some sand and dust.

Learn some drone photography and flying knowledge

Are you new to drones and want to take more impactful aerial photography photos? You can learn some basic lenses and flying skills to better serve your drone photography. When novice drones are shooting in a high-altitude bird's-eye view, they can choose different themes to shoot, shoot from multiple angles, try different directions and speeds, try shooting techniques such as pulling up, getting closer, and farther away, and keep learning. Drone piloting skills and photography knowledge.

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Buy drone accessories

To enhance your images, having accessories like ND or circular polarizing filters can help capture true-to-life colors, stunning highlight and low-light detail, and precise control of shutter speed. It's important to carry extra batteries and propellers when traveling to maximize your chances of catching or to be prepared for unexpected damage. Find the right storage space to protect your tech on the go with a secure case for ultimate durability and maximized storage space.

Autel Robotics Care

A great safeguard for new drone users, purchasing Autel Robotics Care effectively provides a warranty replacement plan for your drone. This extra protection for your drone means you can fly with more peace of mind, knowing that if something happens Unfortunately, you can get back flying faster than ever.

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Where can I buy Autel drones?

The Autelpilot store is an authorized dealer of Autel Robotics, providing Autel drones and accessories for purchase. Shop at the Autelpilot store and experience local after-sales support, service and the best prices in the United States.

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