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Can You Fly A Drone Over Private Property?

You need to use extreme caution when deciding to fly over private property. Before flying a drone, it is necessary to learn the relevant laws and regulations. Here we will explain the regulations and consequences of flying a drone over other people's property.

Is it legal to fly a drone over private property?

Drones can fly over private property, but it is best to obtain permission from the owner, be careful to maintain an altitude, and be careful to protect the privacy of others before such flights can be made.

What are the laws regarding flying drones over private property?

FAA or equivalent drone regulations: If you can fly a drone over private property, that doesn’t always mean you can fly in that airspace. Make sure it's not restricted airspace and comply with drone laws.

State or local drone laws: While you can fly a drone over private property in the United States, some states (such as California) may have additional drone laws that do not allow you to fly over private property.

Privacy Concerns: In most places, the law allows you to fly a drone over other people's property, but it doesn't allow you to film, photograph, or hover.

How low can a drone fly over private property in the United States?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in the United States, you can fly a drone over private property at any altitude, but you must stay below 400 feet and keep the drone within your line of sight at all times. . However, it's important to get permission from the owner and understand state-specific laws, as flying too low can invade people's privacy and lead to legal issues.

Is it okay to take photos of a property without the owner’s permission?

Whether you are doing it as a hobby or for commercial photography, hovering over other people’s property without authorization is a no-no. If caught, you could face fines and the confiscation of your drone.

What if my drone crashes in someone's backyard?

Drone flying isn't always smooth sailing. What do you do when you fly a drone over someone else’s property and it crashes in someone’s backyard? The situation is always bad for the driver.

The drone pilot should contact the owner and explain what happened. If possible, stay humble and ask to get your drone back. Adding compensation and offering to repair any property damage may smoothen the deal. However, do not enter someone else's property to retrieve a drone without permission, even if it is your neighbor's property.

Is it legal to peek from a drone?

Drones are commonly used for aerial photography, but filming, observing or taking photos without permission is a clear violation of privacy rights.


In most areas, it is legal to fly a drone over someone's property, provided it complies with the relevant drone flight regulations. But if you use a drone to film or take photos over private property, you need the owner’s permission to ensure privacy.

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