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Description of Autel Drone Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level

Take the drone into the sky and fly higher and higher. It sounds cool, but the drone can't keep rising anytime and anywhere, affected by many constraints, here we will explain the concept of Drone Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level.

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level of Drone

Whether it is a consumer drone or a commercial drone, they all have a Max Service Ceiling height. This value determines where you can take the drone to take off, on a mountain with an altitude of 4000m or a mountain with an altitude of 6000m?

What affects the drone Max Service Ceiling height?

Autel drone fly height

At high altitudes, the main reasons for the difficulty of flying drones are the density of the air, temperature changes, limited control and weakened GPS signals.

Decreased air density: As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases, causing the air to decrease in density. Since the principle of lift generated by drones is generated by air flow on the wings or propellers, lower air density will reduce lift generation, making it difficult for drones to maintain flight.

Limited power system: drones usually use batteries as a power source. Under high-altitude conditions, affected by low temperature factors, the efficiency of drone batteries will be greatly reduced, which will affect the take-off and flight maintenance of drones. Of course, for drones using battery self-heating technology, maintaining the drone's flight will also consume more battery power.

Limited control: The control system of a drone relies on the principles of aerodynamics and aerodynamics. In a high-altitude environment, the thinness of the air will make it more difficult to control the flight attitude, which will reduce the stability and sensitivity of the drone.

Weakened GPS signal: GPS signals are often weak or unstable at high altitudes. drones need GPS for positioning and navigation to achieve autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance. A weakened signal can lead to inaccurate navigation, which in turn affects the drone's ability to fly.

Autel Drone Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level Description

Autel drones

Autel Drones

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level

Max Flying Altitude

EVO Nano Series 13123ft (4000m) 800m
EVO Lite series 13123ft (4000m) 800m
EVO II series 23000ft (7000m) *
EVO MAX Series 23000ft (7000m) *

Note:  different countries or regions have different altitude restrictions. Please pay attention to local regulations when flying.

At the same time, you must pay attention to pre-flight preparations when flying drones in high-altitude areas, just like flying in winter, and pay attention to keeping the battery warm. Also, pay attention to local laws and regulations.

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