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High-altitude drones

High Flying Drones: Can I Fly a Drone Over Mountains?

High-altitude drones have become more in demand, and high-flying drones are often designed for a maximum take-off altitude of 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) and above. They can be used to monitor the weather or photograph the presence of a better view.

High-altitude drones often have advantages over consumer drones, with longer flight times, clearer shooting pictures, and more stable remote control and image transmission signals. Now, during the holiday season in the United States, and the end of 2022 is less than 9 days away, is it possible to buy a drone to explore the mountains and forests?

High Flying Drones

Nothing can't be done! High-altitude drones are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of applications, and if you're planning a trip to the mountains, this could be a great opportunity to fly a high-altitude drone.

Driving a drone in a high-altitude mountainous area will test the performance of the drone and the level of the driver! Maybe you want to know how your drone will perform at higher altitudes, maybe you want to practice your winter mountain flight control skills, maybe capture some great aerial photos and videos, give it a go!

Flying a High-Flying Drone: What Should I Do?

High-altitude Flying Drones

Keep in mind some tips on how to fly safely and responsibly in the mountains, which can help you avoid some trouble or enhance your flying experience.

The performance of drones at high altitudes will be greatly reduced! When consumer drones enter high-altitude areas, such as the mountains of the East Coast of the United States above 6,000 feet. Here, the higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure, the battery power loss of the drone will continue to increase, and it will be harder for the propeller to generate lift.

When driving drones in high-altitude areas, you must also consider the impact of cold weather on the performance of drones! Most drone batteries perform poorly in cold temperatures, which can also lead to reduced flight times, in addition to having a lower air pressure lift coefficient.

Factors affecting drone driving in high altitude areas include wind flow and terrain. Wind is a huge challenge for drones. The weight of drones and the lift of the propellers driven by the rotation of drone motors are all major factors. The Autel EVO Nano series has a wind resistance of 5 grades, the EVO Lite series has a wind resistance of 7 grades, and the EVO II series has a wind resistance of 8 grades.

Mountains at high altitudes tend to be prone to drastic changes in weather. It's unpredictable, but you still want to check the weather forecast before you go, otherwise bad weather can cause serious damage to your drone!

Watch out for your GPS signal! Going on a remote adventure with a drone in the mountains, there is a high chance of losing the GPS signal and you may not be able to find your drone or bring it back! Therefore, you need to pay attention to the connection distance when controlling the UAV in high-altitude mountainous areas!

Check out the drone ban! Traveling in the mountains with a high-altitude drone is a lot of fun! And you don't need to dodge people nor the buildings of the city. However, in the United States, drones are not allowed in most state parks, or any national parks for that matter. The drone flight ban also applies to designated wilderness areas.

400 foot height restriction! Most drones have a programmed altitude limit that prevents the drone from flying past the 400 feet above ground (AGL) limit. This restriction is in order not to interfere with manned air traffic.

In Conclusion

Flying a high-altitude drone for a holiday trip in the mountains is a lot of fun to plan, do some homework, and take your high-altitude drone with you!

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