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Using Drone Detection Technology in Prisons

Using Drone Detection Technology in Prisons

Prisons have strict security measures to supervise prisoners, but there are still problems with prisoners smuggling drugs, cigarettes, mobile phones and other contraband, and the destructive nature of drones seems to have become impossible to guard against.

Advances in drone technology are a good thing, but we don’t want to see drone tools being used by bad actors to do illegal things. The arrival of drones may cause serious prison security problems.

Should prisons use drone detection technology?

Drone detection technology could reduce violence

Illegal elements use the payload capacity of drones to transport items such as drugs, weapons, and cell phones to prisons. Prisoners obtaining these items may engage in acts such as blackmail, coercion, and violence. Timely monitoring of drone activities is a prerequisite.

Drone surveillance tool allows security personnel to monitor nearby activity

Can drones operate near prisons? The answer is no. This potentially compromises prison privacy. Prison services should install drone monitors to protect themselves, identify drone activity around them and reduce risk.

Drone detection technology reduces escape risk

The ability of drones to drop supplies can help prisoners escape prisons, and we must be wary of this practice. The drone is not restricted by the height of the fence. Its ability to lift into the air can reach hundreds of meters. The higher the height, the harder it is to detect the drone. Therefore, installing a drone detection system can help prevent such intrusions.

Drone detectors protect prisoners, guards from attacks

The military already uses drone technology to facilitate attacks on enemies. It's no exaggeration to say that this ability can also be used against prisons. Detection technology is a warning system that allows security and law enforcement officials to identify potential threats before they get close enough to cause major problems. The use of such systems ensures that inmates, visitors and staff are protected from external threats.

There is no doubt that criminals must serve their sentences in prison, but at the same time they must ensure the right to visit their families and friends. Drone detection technology will help protect these people from external threats and internal struggles.

Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer

Among the many drone detectors, the AFA 100 detection and strike two-in-one drone jammer produced by Skyfend has the strongest defensive effect and can fully protect prisons from drone threats.

Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer can detect drone activities within 2km, accurately attack illegal drones within 3km, and can detect drones in the full frequency band of 400Mhz-6Ghz, making it easy to carry.

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