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Drone Radar Distinguish Birds or Drones

How Does Drone Radar Distinguish Birds or Drones?

The biggest threats to manned aircraft in the sky include birds and drones. We cannot restrict the movement of birds, and drones are subject to aviation altitude regulations below 400 feet. But it's not foolproof.

There are always some illegal drones in the sky that disobey regulatory orders, affecting the operation of manned aircraft and airspace safety. How to maintain airport security and airspace security? We need drone radar to monitor drones.

Birds and drones are small, light objects that flash by. How does drone radar correctly identify birds and drones?

Drone radar often distinguishes birds from drones through shape and size recognition, motion feature analysis, and radar reflection features. However, this type of method cannot clearly distinguish between these two types of objects.

Skyfend Defender counter-drone radar

Skyfend Defender counter-drone radar utilizes advanced environment awareness and target identification algorithms to provide rapid target detection and deployment capabilities. Skyfend Defender radar has a K-band FMCW radar, added micro-Doppler identification technology, and can detect 5-20 drones at the same time.

The Skyfend Defender anti-drone radar is capable of adequately detecting low, slow, and small drones, and can even identify hovering drones. Skyfend Defender active phased anti-drone radar has a long-range detection range of up to 1KM.

The Skyfend Defender counter-drone radar provides close-range surveillance for land, maritime and air applications due to its rapid target detection and deployment capabilities. Ideal for portable scenarios and defense of high-value targets such as government buildings, official residences and prisons.

The first step to prevent drone aerial threats is to discover drones hiding nearby. The anti-drone detection radar Skyfend Defender will bring us a new anti-drone technology to improve our ability to deal with drone threats. , thereby blocking the drone.

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