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White House Seeks To Expand Authority To Track and Neutralize Suspected Drones

White House Seeks To Expand Authority To Track and Neutralize Suspected Drones

The Biden administration has asked Congress to significantly increase the number of government and public agencies, from federal to local governments, that are legally allowed to identify, track and disable potentially malicious drones flying in U.S. airspace.

Proposals would call for expanding the number of public organizations and officials authorized to participate in the tracking and destruction of potentially hostile drones, updating existing legislation to legalize counter-drone operations, developing new measures, and creating a UAS mitigation pilot program. .

The vast majority of drones are used for active and productive purposes, but the reality remains that drones are increasingly being used “to commit crimes, conduct unlawful surveillance and industrial espionage, and obstruct law enforcement efforts.”

These operations include the delivery of contraband into prisons, the trafficking of drugs and people across the southern border, and several other crimes, including attacks on power stations, assassinations, and the dropping of firebombs and munitions by terrorist groups. This has raised concerns about how drones can be adapted for conflict purposes. Consumer drones have the potential to fundamentally disrupt the effectiveness of traditional military strategies and assets.

To cope with the expansion of domestic malicious drone deployment, it is necessary to be equipped with reasonable anti-drone tools and anti-drone technology.

Skyfend has launched a series of anti-drone equipment to deal with drone threats and drone risks, and can provide security protection for government departments, prisons, airports, event venues, etc.

SkyfendHunter Detection and Jamming in One Anti-drone Jammer

Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer is a compact, cost effective, all-in-one anti-drone jammer that can detect and jam the signals of all advanced small unmanned aerial vehicle (SUAV) threats. The device detects drone signals in all directions and provides users with preemptive warnings.

Skyfend Hunter Drone Jammer

Skyfend Trace | Portable UAV detector & Pilot Locator

Skyfend Tracer is a portable UAV detector that effectively receives, analyzes and processes the radio signals of a wide range of UAV models. Skyfend Tracer-P is suitable for extensive and highly maneuverable operations, allowing for deployment in environments that have stringent size, weight and power demands. There are two models for various scenarios.

Skyfend Trace

Skyfend Defender | Compact and cost-effective K-band FMCW radar

Defender is a compact and cost-effective K-band FMCW radar that provides close-range surveillance for land, sea and air applications. It's ideal for portable scenarios and high-value target defense, such as government buildings, official residences and prisons. It utilizes advanced environmental perception and target recognition algorithms to deliver rapid target detection and deployment capabilities.

Skyfend Defender Anti-drone radar
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