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Skyfend Counter-drone Solution

New Backpack Deployable Counter-drone Solution

Counter-drone specialist Skyfend Solutions has come up with a new backpack-style deployable counter-drone solution that is flexible enough to be deployed using a portable backpack in the face of the growing threat from aerial drones.

This compact solution reduces manpower requirements, increases mobility, and ensures enhanced and expanded anti-drone capabilities.

Backpack Deployable Counter-drone Solution

The Skyfend backpack-type deployable anti-drone solution can be composed of drone jamming equipment, drone detection equipment, drone pilot positioning equipment, and drone deception equipment. It can be carried by two operators and can target Illegal drones perform location, jamming and spoofing.

SkyFend's portable solutions are designed for versatile applications in drone interference that require a high degree of flexibility and mobility. This solution can perform 2KM RF detection, 2KM GNSS spoofing, and 1.5KM interference distance. As a backpack anti-drone solution, the total weight of the products included in this solution is 15kg.

SkyFend's portable solution for drone jamming is engineered for drone radio frequency technology and its moveable and lightweight nature means it can be mobile for law enforcement and security agencies even in difficult and hard-to-reach terrains Protect.

Portable Backpack Deployable Counter-drone Solution

SkyFend is a pioneer and leader in the field of breakthrough technologies for counter-drone detection and mitigation. In the counter-drone market, SkyFend continues to propose multiple advanced products to mitigate drone threats. As threats escalate and spread into more diverse environments and scenarios, the SkyFend backpack-mounted deployable counter-drone solution shines!

In the SkyFend backpack deployable anti-drone solution, the Skyfend Blader serves as an anti-drone jammer, achieving full frequency band coverage within a 1.5km range, GNSS signal spoofing within a 2KM range, and radio frequency detection within a 2KM range. , and at the same time, the drone pilot positioning detection can be carried out based on the drone Drone ID or Remote ID broadcast signal!

The backpack-mounted deployable counter-drone solution provides extreme operational flexibility, providing early warning, mitigating the threat of unauthorized drones and preventing remote detection and attack.

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