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SkyfendGuider C2 Software

SkyfendGuider C2 Software Intro

SkyfendGuider C2 software offers an intuitive and feature-rich software platform, providing C-UAS awareness and reporting capability. Supported by sensor fusion, computer vision, edge computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Guider integrates radars, detectors and jammers, consolidating their data into a display. It is always on alert, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring of drone threats and effectively mitigating human error.

Monitoring & Positioning

Intelligent Integration

Guider creates a real-time shared electronic counter space. It autonomously analyses multiple data from Defender, Hunter and Tracer and integrates them on a touch screen for intelligent control directly by users.

24/7 Protection

Guider is always on alert. Combined with Defender's 24/7 detection, it monitors drone threats around the clock, effectively reducing human error.

Tracking & Jamming

Multiple Scenarios

Guider is born for high-risk dynamic environments and is suitable for multiple scenarios to help users make quick decisions.

One-to-Many Control

Cloud-based security allows users to remotely control multiple devices in multiple locations in real time. In just seconds, Guider can turn decisions into action.

User Friendly

Guider is intuitive and interactive. It has the ability to link to countermeasure options, including RF jamming, GPS jamming and other countermeasures for the quickest user response.

Data Feedback

Machine Learning

Through machine learning, Guider records every action, which supports the continuous optimization of the strike strategy so that the system becomes more efficient.

Cloud Services

Note: *User data will be strictly confidential and used solely as reference data for system updates.

Guider also offers a logging cloud service, where every action taken by Guider is logged and uploaded to the cloud.* This allows SkyFend to utilize the new data for system updates and rapid iteration.

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