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Skyfend Trace P Detects Drone RemoteID or Drone ID Signals

Skyfend Trace P Detects Drone RemoteID or Drone ID Signals

Skyfend, the leader in anti-drone technology, has launched the drone signal detector Skyfend Trace P, the latest drone signal detector and drone pilot positioning two-in-one platform. Skyfend Trace P introduces the function of detecting drone RemoteID and Drone ID signals in drone detection technology.

Expand core drone coverage and capabilities

Skyfend Trace P provides advanced detection, identification and mitigation capabilities for more than 20 new drones from leading manufacturers and improves coverage of high-threat level drones.

Skyfend Trace P Portable UAV detector & Pilot Locator

Skyfend Trace Drone dector $ pilot locater

  • Locate Both Drone and Pilot
  • Wide Frequency Coverage
  • Analysis/Spectrum Detection
  • Alternative Additional Antenna for 5km Range
  • C2 System Integration
  • No RF Emission Protocol
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Remote ID support enhancements

Skyfend Trace P drone detector benefits include enhanced support for remote detection, identification and tracking of drones compliant with US, EU and Japanese remote ID standards. Drone ID broadcast signals from DJI drones will also be recognized, allowing users to access the pilot’s details and location directly on the map.

Reporting and Analysis

Skyfend Trace P will be able to provide real-time data feedback, showing the flight path of the intruding drone and the relevant pilots. Users can divide the detection list into friendly or hostile categories, and adjust the sorting priority in the settings.

Smart Support

Skyfend Trace P can share information with the external C2 system Skyfend Guider. In addition, due to the characteristics of Skyfend Trace P for detecting drones and positioning drone pilots, Skyfend has also launched an integrated intelligent positioning comprehensive pilot solution, which integrates drone monitoring, positioning and navigation, and law enforcement operations.

skyfend tracer portable UAV Detector Trace-P omni UAV & pilot location

After Skyfend Trace P detects illegal drones, the Skyfend Guider C2 software displays information and the Autel MAX 4T drone will rush to the scene as soon as possible to warn the drone pilot and take photos to collect evidence.

About Skyfend Trace P

Skyfend Trace UAV drone detectors have two models, Skyfend Trace P and Skyfend Trace S. Both are drone detectors that receive, analyze and process radio signals from various drone models. It will cause interference and blockage to the drone's flight, making it impossible to intercept the drone.

Skyfend Trace drone detectors are portable and can be fully deployed in military, public safety, airports, prisons, major events and critical infrastructure environments.

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