Skyfend C2

Skyfend C2

Intelligent and Intuitive

Skyfend C2

" SkyFend C2 software connects jammers, radars, and sensors to build a smart systematic C-UAS workflow. It analyzes threat levels and automatically generates strike strategies based on the detected information, C2 software also provides striking and controlling guidance to eliminate intrusive drone danger."

AI-Powered Decision Making

Skyfend C2 AI-Powered Decision Making

SkyFend C2 software with AI machine learning delivers multi-dimensional intelligent analysis of UAV threat levels. It will automatically generate specific countermeasure strategies, and guide countermeasure equipment to carry out precise strikes.

SkyfendGuider C2 Monitoring and Warning

Monitoring and Warning

360° omnidirectional identifying and targeting of drones

Analyzing and Decision Making

Skyfend c2 Analyzing and Decision Making

Analyze threat levels.

Automatically generate specific countermeasure strategies.

Jamming and Controlling

SkyfendGuider C2 Jamming and Controlling

Full-band, coherent jamming and GNSS interference solve the threat of drones efficiently.

Realtime Control

SkyfendGuider c2 Realtime Control

The cutting-edge protocol design guarantees the information display and command in realtime.

Interactive and Intuitive

Excellent interactive user interface design reduces the learning cost of C2 software operation.

Skyfend C2 software