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Counter-Drone Technology

How To Use Counter-Drone Technology?

The proliferation of drones has become increasingly difficult to suppress, and counter-drone technology has become urgent. How to use counter-drone solutions to stop unauthorized drones in the sky becomes important. Anti-drone systems are used in government departments, prisons, military locations, etc.

Drone activity in the sky above 250g requires registration with the FAA and the need to broadcast a remote ID. If drones are used commercially, the pilot will also need to obtain a drone flight license. Although the flight of drones is restricted, some criminals still ignore the regulations and regard drones as a surveillance tool to detect information. Therefore, we must introduce counter-drone systems to combat risky drones.

Modern counter-drone systems are usually divided into kinetic and non-kinetic systems. Kinetic energy systems refer to physical drone interference or even destruction. The non-kinetic energy system refers to cutting off the flight control signal and image transmission signal of the remote drone, destroying the control and navigation of the drone.

Drones are created for entertainment and commercial purposes, not military use. Once drones enter military warfare, the potential dangers they bring are difficult to measure. We must strengthen all counter-drone means to stop drones.

The current complete anti-drone systems include anti-drone radar, anti-drone jammers, anti-drone jamming guns, anti-drone software, anti-drone decoys, etc. These anti-drone equipment will cover the entire process of discovering drones, shooting down drones, and returning drones.

Skyfend has launched efficient and comprehensive anti-drone solutions, including portable anti-drone solutions and vehicle-mounted anti-drone solutions, pushing anti-drone technology to a new level.

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