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Anti-Drone Software – Skyfend Guide C2

Anti-Drone Software – Skyfend Guide C2

Counter-drone solutions include hardware devices and software system controls. Building software platforms that can detect and defend against drone-based threats is a must.

How to protect your own airspace security? Don’t personally want to own a large anti-drone countermeasure equipment? Download anti-drone software on your phone to monitor the arrival of drones? Maybe this is possible. However, the accuracy of surveillance drones will be questioned.

For large organizations and agencies, how to protect airspace security? You need to establish a sound and effective anti-drone system and strengthen software protection.

With the rapid development of drone technology, anti-drone solutions must not only improve the functions of anti-drone equipment, but also strengthen software-centered collaborative solutions.

skyfend defender low SWaP-C design

Skyfend Guider C2 is an intuitive and feature-rich software platform that provides sensing and reporting capabilities to counter-drone systems. With the support of sensor fusion, computer vision, edge computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it can integrate and display data from radars, detectors and jammers, and always maintain a high alert state to ensure all-weather protection against drone threats. Seam monitoring effectively reduces human errors.

Skyfend Guider C2 Features

  • Smart integration
  • 24/7 protection
  • 3D situational awareness
  • Single point multiple control
  • Classification identification
  • Commonly used and always new

In the settings of the Skyfend Guider C2 anti-drone software, users can perform offline map viewing, alarm settings, log management, data analysis, asset management, account center, etc. In the drop-down list, users can also change the drone attribute relationship (friendly /Hostile/Neutral) for better drone confrontation.

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