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Drone Jammers Jam Cell Phones

Can Drone Jammers Jam Cell Phones?

Drone jammers will interfere with the communication and navigation systems of drones. So, can drone jammers interfere with mobile phones?

Most of the jammers currently sold in the anti-drone market are radio frequency jammers, which emit electromagnetic noise at the radio frequency used by drones to operate and transmit information, thus affecting the communication connection between the drone and the remote controller.

Drone jammers usually target drones with 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz, and powerful drone jammers will have larger interference frequency bands and interference power, which will affect the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the surrounding environment. Telecommunications equipment may cause safety hazards in severe cases.

Can drone jammers jam cell phones?

Yes, when a drone jammer is activated and emits a jamming signal, nearby mobile phones may be affected by the signal. This may result in problems such as reduced signal quality, dropped calls, inability to connect to the Internet, or inability to use the phone's GPS function.

Among them, the interference with the connection between Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones is the most obvious. Once the drone jammer is activated, it can easily cut off the connection between Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones.

In turn: Can a cell phone jammer interfere with a drone?

Not necessarily. UAVs usually have the characteristics of fast speed, strong maneuverability and long flight distance. However, cell phone jammers can only act within a local range, usually within a few meters or tens of meters, and cannot capture the traces of UAVs. 

It is important to note that interfering with drone or cell phone signals is illegal and may violate local laws and regulations. In most areas, the operation or use of drone jammers is prohibited. Therefore, under no circumstances do I encourage or support the illegal use of drone jammers. If you are interested in drone or cell phone interference issues, be sure to understand and comply with local laws and regulations.

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