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GNSS signal spoofer Skyfend Spoofer

UAV Quadcopter Drone GNSS Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing

GPS drones use GPS signals for navigation and positioning, and commercial drones will also combine RTK and GPS for precise surveying and mapping. The flight safety of drones is inseparable from accurate GPS signals.

UAV GNSS signals are extremely susceptible to interference and spoofing, causing the UAV to move to the wrong location or leading to serious consequences such as the collapse or crash of the UAV aircraft.

Drone GNSS spoofing

The basic principle of UAV GNSS spoofing is to send false Global Satellite Positioning System (GNSS) signals to the UAV, causing it to mistakenly believe that its position, speed and direction are different from the actual situation. An attacker can trick a drone into following a desired path or performing incorrect operations by simulating GNSS signals.

Attackers can use specialized equipment such as programmable software radios (SDRs), antennas, and desktop computers to achieve drone GNSS spoofing. They can send false signals to the drone that are similar to normal satellite signals, and control the trajectory and attitude of the drone by adjusting the parameters of the spoofed signal.

Drone anti-GNSS spoofing

In order to prevent drone GNSS spoofing attacks, some measures need to be taken to enhance the security of drones, such as strengthening GNSS signal integrity, using multiple frequency bands for position calculation, and using inertial navigation systems (INS). In addition, taking into account the possibility of spoofing attacks in the manufacturing and design of drones, adopting more secure communication connections and control methods is also an effective defense measure.

UAV Anti-GNSS Instructions

UAV GNSS spoofing equipment may be used in military bases, battlefields, and large-scale events. The false signals released by GNSS spoofing equipment cause the UAV flight path to change, thus deviating from the intended UAV attack or UAV surveillance purpose.

If a drone wants to prevent or prevent drone GNSS signal spoofing, it can install a drone anti-jamming receiver and use filtering and signal processing to suppress interference.

Autel MAX 4T anti-spoof drone

The EVO Max 4T/4N features advanced flight control modules and algorithms designed to combat RFI, EMI and GPS spoofing. This allows EVO Max Series drones to fly confidently near power lines, critical structures and complex areas.

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GNSS signal spoofer Skyfend Spoofer

Spoofer is an advanced GNSS navigation spoofing device engineered explicitly for SUAVs. Its primary purpose is to enforce area denial, redirect drones to predetermined orientations and manipulate their flight paths to designated locations. When combined with radar, spectrum detection devices and jammers, it can cause drones to crash or force them to land at appointed locations.

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