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Drone Jammer

How Does A Drone Jammer Enable Detection of Intruding Drones?

Flying in the skies are drones with great aerial photography or drones with menacing malicious intruders? With the gradual increase in the number of drones, supervision is difficult, and it is easy to be used by criminals. It is inevitable to strengthen supervision and prevention measures.

"UAV drone jammer" (or UAV monitoring, early warning and prevention and control system) is to measure the incoming wave direction of the drone image transmission signal and the incoming wave direction of the remote control signal in real time, so as to perceive the detection of unknown intruding drones interference device.

When the drone or the remote control enters the area, an alarm is issued and the operator is warned, and the operator can choose to jam the device for a forced landing or force the drone to leave.

Drone Jammer Jamming distance

It is worth noting that not all drone jammers can detect drone equipment and interfere with drone equipment as a whole. A detection radar is also required.

Skyfendhunter AFA100 is a drone jammer that detects and strikes drones in one. The drone detection distance can reach 2km and the detection time can reach 8 hours.

The detection of the anti-drone jammer AFA100 refers to the detection of drones in the 400Mhz~6Ghz frequency band within 2km. Once a drone in this frequency band is detected, the jammer will issue an alarm through the buzzer. The jammer checks the direction and position of the drone, and pulls the trigger to achieve precise strikes.

anti-drone jammer skyfend afa100

The anti-drone jammer AFA100 can also achieve 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz directional strikes, and the 3.5-inch visual screen will clearly show the location of the drone, helping law enforcement officers better intercept unknown drones.

Compared with the current similar products, the anti-drone monitoring jammer AFA100 has the characteristics of direction finding, monitoring, suppression and other functions. The system operating software has comprehensive functions, friendly interface, simple operation and convenient use. Choose your best monitoring strike Drone jammer scrambler.

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