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How Do Anti-drone Weapons Deal With Drone Threats?

Drones have become terrifying in the hands of illegal elements, who wantonly invade other people's property to take pictures of privacy, and even bundle some items to make drones dangerous. How to deal with drone threats? It has become important to prevent illegal drone activities and mitigate drone threats.

How do counter-drone tools, or counter-drone weapons, stop drone activity? Generally speaking, only the military or law enforcement agencies can use anti-drone weapons to stop drones. As a recreational aircraft, drones themselves can be purchased by almost everyone without restrictions.

Common Counter-UAV Technologies

Audio detection

Drones make a very special sound. Some audio detector devices can detect drones in this special audio tone. Their shortcomings are short detection range and insufficient accuracy in noisy environment recognition in downtown areas.

Radio frequency technology

Drones use radio frequencies to communicate with their operators. To keep the receiver and transmitter connected, they are paired together with a specific RFID chip to prevent other devices on the same frequency from overtaking the drone.


Jammers work by emitting electromagnetic noise at the radio frequencies that drones use to operate and transmit information. In effect, they drown out the conversation between the drone and its operator. This is usually 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz, which are unallocated public frequencies.


Geofencing uses a combination of GPS networks and LRFID (Local Radio Frequency Identifier) connections, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to create a barrier around airspace. Geofence boundaries usually refer to special locations demarcated by drone manufacturers.

Video detection

Video can be used in conjunction with other drone detection technologies to create and forward a visual record of a detected drone incident. Video detection is not an ideal first line of defense for detecting incoming drones due to factors such as weather or seasonal changes, but it can be a valuable tool for documenting drone incidents for future review.

Thermal detection

Thermal imaging can be a useful tool in finding drone operators in remote areas. For example, in confined spaces such as in the wild and around power plants. Thermal imaging drones can also detect operators in the vicinity of intruding drones.

Radar detection

Drones are typically small, low-flying aircraft, which makes them difficult for radar to detect. Radar technology is great for locating manned, large or long-haul aircraft flying in traditional airspace, but it is not powerful enough to detect drones well.

In response to the threat of drones, Skyfend has launched the Skyfend Hunter AFA100 drone jammer, which can cut off the communication connection between the drone and the controller, allow the drone to make an emergency landing or return, and protect the airspace from drones. Threats to safety, security and privacy violations.

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