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Drone Jamming and Drone Spoofing

Drone Jamming and Drone Spoofing - What You Should Know

If you are an experienced drone pilot, you are flying your drone to take pictures of the wonderful outdoor scenery, and suddenly, your drone image transmission is lost, and the drone signal is also lost. But if you confirm that the drone is flying normally, it is by no means hitting an obstacle. At this time, we should consider that the possible reason for the interruption of the radio signal is interference.

Drone jamming vs drone spoofing

Drone jamming is the use of drone jammers to emit transmission jamming signals to interrupt communication between the drone and the pilot. These interference signals will be specific to the UAV signal transmission frequency band, such as 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz.

Under the action of the drone jammer, the drone will land on the spot and no longer fly.

Drone spoofing means that after the drone loses the signal connection with the remote control, it sends a signal instead of pretending to be the remote control. At this time, the drone will follow the spoofed signal for the next step.

In this case, the drone may be taken over by a wrong spoofing signal and command the flight, and it may also be hacked to obtain the image data taken by the drone, causing privacy issues.

What tools or equipment are needed to jam or spoof drones?

The sale and use of drone jammer technology is illegal for individuals and businesses, but is still readily available online. In general, jammers consist of emitters, which can come in different shapes and sizes. When aimed and fixed on a drone, jammers jam the radio and GPS signals that guide the drone, and depending on the technology used, this jamming can be deployed thousands of feet away.

Why would anyone want or need to jam drones?

Organizations authorized to use jamming technology are usually responsible for protecting high-risk areas, for airspace security or privacy protection, which often include military bases, municipal facilities, stadiums, etc., from any jamming or potential harm to themselves or their property.

What happens when a drone is intercepted? is it safe?

If you are using drone jammers personally, then make sure you are legal. Drones are expensive private property, and malicious jamming and spoofing could face prosecution.

Drone jammers typically have a limited jamming range, neither can accurately know the intended flight path of the drone, nor can it locate the pilot or flight path, nor can it identify any characteristics of the drone or its payload.

Once a drone carrying a sensitive payload is jammed and stopped, landing the team emblem on the ground may bring serious dangerous consequences. In most cases, using a drone jammer to return the drone and not approaching a protected area is the best option.

Can anyone use a drone jammer?

Is it illegal to sell or use any jamming device? According to the Federal Communications Commission, the use of "cell phone jammers" or similar devices designed to intentionally prevent, interfere with, or interfere with authorized radio communications (signal blockers, GPS jammers, or text blockers, among others) is a violation of federal law.

Interference bands for radios tend to pose a serious risk to critical public safety communications, may prevent people from making emergency calls, and may interfere with law enforcement communications. All local laws and regulations must be followed before using the jammer.

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