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Drone Jammer With Antenna VS Drone Jammer Without Antenna

Drone Jammer With Antenna VS Drone Jammer Without Antenna

Drone jammers come in a variety of shapes, and one of them has an antenna. Are they better? With so many options for drone jammers out there, who would be one of the best drone jammers out there?

See Common Counter Drone Antenna

Counter-Drone Jammer with Antenna Counter UAV Drone Antenna Anti-Drone Antenna

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Drone jammers with antennas tend to be more attractive in appearance, and people often think at first glance that drones with antennas can emit stronger and farther jamming waves to prevent drones from breaking in.

But in fact, when considering the choice of UAV drone jammers, we need to measure the interference frequency band, interference power and interference distance of drone jammers to determine.

The common drone interference frequency band is to interfere with the flight of the drone by interfering with the drone communication frequency band and the drone GPS + GLONASS frequency.

The jamming power of the drone jammer is generally between 10w-20w and cannot be adjusted.

The interference distance of drone jammers generally covers a range of several hundred meters to several kilometers, depending on the actual situation.

Anti-drone antennas are usually used as vehicle-mounted antennas or fixed-site antennas, and some can also be connected to anti-drone guns externally, and the interference frequency is usually fixed. There are sometimes small handheld jammers with external antennas, but these cover fewer drone channels and are often used as cell phone jammers.

UAV drone jammers without antennas have the interference source built into the jammer. This type of jammer may apply more jamming technologies, such as light beams, sound waves, electromagnetic waves, and radio technologies to interfere with the communication and control of drones. Signal.

Whether they are drone jammers with or without antennas, their purpose is to limit the ability of drones to fly by jamming their communication and control signals. Anti-drone antennas are more complex to operate than portable anti-drone jammers and are only used in a small area.

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