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Digital Anti UAV Drone Jammer Interference SKyfend AFA100

Digital Anti UAV Drone Jammer Interference SKyfend AFA100

How to ban unregistered drones from the skies? Using anti drone jammer is a good choice, here we will introduce digital anti uav drone jammer interference SKyfend AFA100.

SKyfend AFA100 is an anti-drone jammer integrated with surveillance and strike. Even a drone with enhanced anti-jamming will be affected by the jamming wave, lose connection with the ground control station, and the drone will make a forced landing or return.

SKyfend AFA100 anti-drone jammer has a reconnaissance detection distance of 2km and a jamming distance of 3km. This anti-drone jammer can not only be used alone, but also can be combined with Skyfend C2 system and Skyfend PAR100 to form a C-UAS system to strengthen the ability to jam and block drones.

anti-drone jammer skyfend afa100

Can drones be electronically jammed?

An RF drone signal jammer can be utilized to best effect from far away – RF jamming is typically effective against drones a few kilometers away. The closer the drone is to the jammer, and the further it is from its controller, the more efficient the jamming .

Are there drone jamming apps?

The drone jamming blocker has a 3.5-inch display and is run from the drone jamming app to run the jamming settings, as well as perform software updates and upload logs. When integrating and cooperating with the C2 system, we can also name the drone accordingly to better analyze the jamming capability and efficiency.

The digital drone jammer Skyfend AFA100 can be used to protect the safety of key facilities, event venues and sensitive areas. For example, it could be used to prevent drones from conducting malicious reconnaissance, carrying dangerous objects, violating privacy, or interfering with other communication systems.