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DJI Drone Jammer

Cheap Drone Jammer or Expensive Drone Jammer?

The existence of drone jammers has brought huge potential safety hazards to the safe flight of drones in the air. Since the jammers use a special frequency band for drone signal countermeasures, even cheap drone jammers that are less than $50 can poses a threat to drones.

How Do Drone Jammers Affect Drone Flight?

Drone jammers can pose a major threat to drones by interfering with drone communication frequency bands, image transmission frequency bands, and GPS signals. Both cheap drone jammers and expensive drone jammers can cause the drone to lose control and eventually crash or return.

Cheap Drone Jammers vs Expensive Drone Jammers: How To Choose?

1. Interference Effectiveness

In general, more expensive drone jammers tend to offer better performance and effectiveness at jamming drone communications and control signals. For example, the Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer can interfere with the 400Mhz-6Ghz drone communication frequency band, affecting almost 98% of drones on the market.

AFA100 Full-Band Coverage

And cheap drone jammers have limited range or effectiveness, potentially leaving room for drones to overcome jamming.

2. Interference range

The pricier drone jammers usually have a longer range feature, allowing you to detect and disable drones from greater distances. For example, the Skyfend AFA100 integrated drone jammer can detect drone activities within 2km and interfere with drone flight within 3km.

Cheaper drone jammers may have a limited range, or they can only do jamming, and the jamming distance is about 1km.

3. Functionality and complexity

Expensive drone jammers may include additional features such as advanced signal analysis, frequency hopping capabilities, multiple jamming modes and enhanced reliability. These features can increase the effectiveness and versatility of the jammer.

The Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer can achieve 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz drone directional jamming, and can change the jamming frequency band with the change of the drone's frequency hopping signal to maximize the prevention of drones approaching.

anti-drone jammer skyfend afa100

4. Legality and Compliance

It's crucial to make sure that any drone jammer you think is legal and complies with local regulations. Some cheaper options may not meet legal requirements, or may have limited compatibility with different drone models.


Choosing a cheap or expensive drone jammer depends on your specific needs, budget, and desired level of effectiveness. Applicable laws and regulations must be followed when using drone jammers.

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