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SkyfendHunter AFA100 IP65

Waterproof And Dustproof Performance Of SkyfendHunter AFA100

Learn more about how the SkyfendHunter AFA100' IP65-rated protection system works and what happens when it comes into contact with water.

What does IP65 mean?

The IP65 rating ensures your drone jammer is durable enough for many environments. This rating includes:

  • The 6 indicates "complete protection against dust over extended time" as well as "protection against contact with objects greater than 1mm in diameter, such as a wire or a small tool."
  • The number 5 in an IP65 enclosure indicates it is protected from light pressure water jets and other liquids sprayed or splashed, from any angle.
  • Skyfend AFA100 UAV signal jammer protection level IP65

"Waterproof" means that the system prevents the ingress of water to some extent, but does not provide complete protection.

The degree of protection is not fixed - it may decrease over time due to use and wear. Regular inspection and maintenance are recommended to keep the equipment in top condition.

What should I do if my drone jammer gets wet?

The drone jammer Skyfend AFA100 is a portable all-in-one jamming device, and the battery cannot be taken out.

The charging method of Skyfend AFA100 uses an external power supply, so it is necessary to ensure that the charging port is fully dry, let the water evaporate completely, and then reconnect to the power supply for charging.

How can I protect my drone jammer from water damage?

To avoid water damage to the drone jammer, we recommend the following precautions:

Avoid being exposed outdoors in moderate or heavy rain conditions.

Avoid placing it in an environment with water mist or spray.

Avoid submerging the drone jammer in water.

What if the drone jammer gets dusty?

If there is dust or dirt on the drone jammer, please wipe the fuselage with a clean soft cloth, and pay special attention to cleaning the screen, various interfaces and cooling holes. Do not use cleaning products.

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