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Top 5 Drones For Mountain Biking In 2024

Top 5 Drones For Mountain Biking In 2024

With the increasing popularity of drones, the extreme sport of mountain biking requires the use of follower drones for recording, and mountain biking drone riding photography is of great significance to enthusiasts of this sport.

So, what are the best mountain bike drones on the market right now?

To get a good mountain bike drone footage, you must consider the drone’s battery life, flight distance, camera performance, obstacle avoidance system, and follow mode, hover shooting mode, these configurations will help the drone better Record mountain bike rides.

Here Are Five Drones We Think Could Work For Mountain Biking:

Here's Some More Info On The Best Drones For Mountain Biking...

1. Holy Stone HS720

Holy Stone HS720

Holy Stone HS720 is a low budget mountain bike drone, the drone can use follow mode when taking aerial shots of mountain bike riders, the flight time is 26 minutes, and the flight distance is 800 meters. This drone has GPS and altitude hold , all the way to advanced features like go home, follow me.

On the camera lens, the 4K sensor is used in the market, the full HD resolution of the Holy Stone HS720 is slightly wider, the bit rate is inconsistent, the electronic image stabilization camera is very bad for shaking control, and the drone has no obstacle avoidance function.

2. DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2

An inexpensive shooting companion, the DJI Mini 2 is also capable of capturing 4k video and mountain bike adventure images. It weighs less than 250g. The DJI Mini 2 is a registration-free drone with a flight time of 31 minutes and supports 6km high-definition image transmission.

The charming follower drone DJI Mini 2 has a 12MP camera, 4K/30 fps video and a three-axis motorized gimbal with no obstacle avoidance system. The DJI Mini 2 is an entry-level drone for mountain biking micro drones.

3. Parrot ANAFI

Parrot ANAFI

The Parrot ANAFI is the first foldable quadcopter and a great drone choice for mountain bikers, with 25 minutes of flight time, it can shoot in 4K and get impressively good photos.

ANAFI's "Follow me" function requires additional purchase, and does not support object avoidance technology. Smart drones are easy to operate, but due to improper flight operations for beginners, drones are prone to crash or collision danger.



DJI Air 2S is an excellent value for money mountain drone device. The image transmission distance is 10 kilometers and the flight time is half an hour. Compared with the DJI Mini 2, it has better sensors, higher quality lenses, and higher Stability and wind resistance!

DJI Air 2S supports casual mountain bike drone video, 1-inch CMOS sensor, three-way obstacle avoidance sensor, 5.4k/30fps, 1080p/120fps frame rate, and more for you to handle everything for autonomous aerial photography.

5. Autel EVO II Pro V2

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Rugged Bundle - EVO 2 6k Camera Drone Bundle

Autel Robotics EVO 2 pro will be the best follow me drone for mountain biking! This drone brings unprecedented performance, exciting autonomous features and a great camera to give you professional-grade aerial footage no matter the conditions you fly in.

Autel Robotics is an American made drone company with the most trusted American drone deals near me. The Autel EVO range features consumer drones and enterprise drones. The Autel EVO II Pro is the best consumer 6k drone.

Autel EVO II Pro has a 1-inch sensor, adjustable aperture (f2.8 to f11) and supports 4K/60fps HDR, up to 6k/30fps video, 40 minutes flight time, 3-axis gimbal stabilized image capture, 8x zoom , 9 km picture transmission, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, follow me and RTH functions are perfect. The Autel drones of the EVO II series are also camera interchangeable and are also one of the best drones for roof inspections and real estate.

Excellent performance and a moderate price tag make the Autel EVO II Pro a winner, the best follow me drone for mountain biking will make every mountain bike enthusiast record more exciting, the drone's follow me technology will be applied to more Records of many extreme sports.

You May Also Want To Ask About Mountain Bike Tracking Drones

Which Mountain Bike Drone Has The Best Camera?

Autel Robotics EVO 2 Pro. In this recommended article, the Autel Robotics EVO 2 Pro is equipped with a 6K camera. It shoots at 6k/30fps, 4k/60fps. The drone in HD resolution captures everything stably and smoothly. And it also supports the camera swap of the EVO II series, which means you also get the Autel EVO II Dual, which is an infrared thermal camera drone composed of an 8k camera and a 640x512 Thermal Sensor.

Which Mountain Bike Drone Has The Longest Range?

When it comes to long-range consumer drones, DJI and Autel are the most competitive players. When the drone is used for mountain bike shooting, the Autel Robotics EVO 2 Pro can fly 9 kilometers from the controller, and the DJI Air 2S can reach 12 kilometers.

Which Mountain Bike Drone Has The Best Flight Time?

The maximum flight time of the Autel EVO 2 Pro is 40 minutes. That's more than most mountain biking drones, and there may be a few minutes of error in specific flight patterns and other conditions, but the Autel EVO II series of drones lives up to the hype.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of a Good Mountain Bike Drone?

If you need to record aerial footage of a mountain bike drone, you need to pay more attention to the camera performance and flight stability and the characteristics of the drone with stable image transmission.

PTZ and image transmission system. The integrated gimbal camera will effectively ensure anti-shake and control the movement of the camera. Autel Sky Link's transmission multi-band guarantee, when the drone is less than 1km away from the controller, shoot at 2.7K/30fps, and when it is greater than 1km, record at 1080P/30fps.

GPS for mountain bike drones is also very important, if you are in a densely wooded area, GPS-equipped drones provide access to various support functions, such as follow me, return home functions, and some follow-up Mode or Movie Mode, which are essential for capturing a great mountain biking experience.

Collapsible. Not that important. But when buying a mountain bike drone you should take size into consideration. Of course, many micro drones are designed to be foldable. At the same time, they have the perfect drone combo, and purchasing the Autel drone bundle will be able to pack the drone and accessories together without overburdening it.

Here is a great mountain biking drone video we found on youtube:

In Conclusion

Using a drone to record the best moments of a mountain bike ride certainly gets more exciting. Numerous YouTube bloggers have tons of amazing mountain biking videos recorded using only drones.

Buy a drone for mountain biking video shoots, some great adventures are worth documenting. The best mountain bike drone 2022 recommends the Autel EVO II Pro. We will continue to pay attention to mountain biking drones and update them in the future.

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