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Search and Rescue Drones (SAR Drones)

Search and Rescue Drones (SAR Drones)

Search and Rescue Drones (SAR drones) is a new type of intelligent rescue tool that accompanies emergency rescue and disaster accidents. It is our mission that we choose search and rescue drones instead of drones to choose what tasks to participate in!

Search and rescue drones are quite powerful, and the long range and range of drones and SAR operations quickly demonstrate their value. It is even more valuable to install additional drone payloads to save lives and property for your department and citizens to the greatest extent possible.

Why do we need search and rescue drones?

search and rescue drones

First time response

The quick response of the drone is helpful to alleviate the time crunch, when a life-threatening event suddenly happens to someone, the speed of reaction is crucial to save the victim! Search and rescue drones are often the first to arrive on the scene.

Road congestion enforcement

Once a traffic accident occurs, vehicles within a range of several hundred meters may not be able to move forward or backward. When commuting congestion occurs, evacuating vehicles and people is the top priority. The search and rescue drone can quickly visit the scene in person, and needs to pass through unfavorable traffic conditions and send back live reports in real time. The dominance of drones in urban environments is estimated to be around 120% View Dominance.

Into rough terrain

Once a rescue operation takes place in an inaccessible terrain, rescuers cannot quickly judge the situation on the scene and give a solution. At this time, the "eyes in the sky" situational awareness of the search and rescue drone is essential, which will greatly reduce the search time and limit the potential risks to the rescued party and rescuers.

Benefits of Search and Rescue Drones

Benefits of Search and Rescue Drones

A rescue drone is an unmanned aircraft intended for use by emergency services, such as police, firefighters or volunteer rescue teams, ideal for searching for missing persons and victims of crime in need of rescue over large areas and in any environment.

  • Amplify the advantages of urban environmental response speed
  • Reaching off the beaten track
  • precise positioning
  • Real-time HD feedback
  • Thermal cameras search in the dark

What are we looking for in a search and rescue drone?

Thermal imaging inspection

Thermal imaging inspection

SAR missions are often aimed at rescuing human or other species life forms. A thermal imaging camera is ideal, day or night, in challenging and dangerous conditions, a drone with a thermal imaging camera will find the target the first time.

A drone with a thermal imager relies on detecting body heat to find missing persons. Thermal imaging drones can quickly distinguish between humans and other objects in complex environments, transmit images in real time, provide precise GPS coordinates, and guide rescue teams to arrive their location!

Zoom camera confirmation

During the search and rescue process, it is not only necessary to find the trapped persons in the first place, but also to quickly assess the vital signs and health conditions of the trapped persons and the surrounding environment. The drone with a zoom camera can zoom in without loss, check the health status of the trapped people, analyze the severity of the rescue situation, and carry out rescue operations actively and effectively.

Drone payload

autel drones

Search and rescue drones can also be used as a means of transport, and the drone's payload delivery system allows staff to deliver emergency tools, supplies or communication equipment to victims. After the search and rescue drone finds the trapped people, it is very valuable to release materials to maintain the vital signs of the trapped people and buy time for the search and rescue operations.


Spotlights: Add spotlights to the drone to illuminate target areas, creating extra visibility for everyone during nighttime operations.


Using the onboard Louderspeakers and microphones, it is also possible to establish direct communication with victims in distress (or ground crew) to assist in the rescue process. In the wake of some geohazard accidents, search and rescue drones can prompt victims to get to safety and use the latest app to map the most efficient flight paths to rescue stricken hikers.


Strobe light: The strobe light of the search and rescue drone becomes particularly dazzling in the dark night. The strobe light can not only give a signal to the trapped person, but also remind the surrounding environment and give a warning.

Applications for search and rescue drones

Search for Suspects and Missing Persons

Accident or crime scene investigation/documentation

Search and Recovery Missions

In disaster and emergency analysis in these situations, drones really stand out in terms of extending the reach and scope of human and rescue operations.

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