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Autel Drones Perform SAR Operations

Autel Drones Perform SAR Operations for Clarkstown Police Department

Search and rescue cases are one of the most reported incidents received by the police station every year, and the search and rescue of missing persons is a race against time. Therefore, quickly finding missing persons and ensuring their safety is a very stressful and difficult task, and new solutions must be provided to help.

Drone Rescue provides greater possibilities for police departments, public safety departments to find missing persons. Drones can respond quickly, and the eyes in the sky can also be equipped with thermal imaging technology to further enhance the ability to find missing persons. So the Clarkstown Police Department began deploying Autel drones to carry out search and rescue operations for missing persons.

Clarkstown Police Department

Clarkstown is a small town in Rockland County, New York, with a population of over 80,000 people. The town is served by the Clarkstown Police Department, which provides law enforcement in an area of approximately 47 square miles and employs more than 100 officers.

Autel's EVO II 640T drone for law enforcement operations

The Autel EVO II 640T drone was first introduced to the department in 2019 to provide officers with an aerial view of events and situations that are difficult to access on foot. The drone's 38-minute flight time and 4K camera with 8x digital zoom make it an excellent tool for this purpose. It also has an impressive 5.5 miles (9 kilometers) range, meaning it can cover large areas in a short amount of time.

Live video, thermal imaging for search and tracking

One of the main advantages of using the Autel EVO II 640T drone is its ability to provide real-time video to ground officers. Whether it’s search and rescue, tracking high-speed targets or surveillance – the drone’s 360-degree obstacle avoidance system enables it to maneuver around buildings and other obstacles, ensuring officers have maximum clarity in any given area. This situational transparency also allows drone pilots to uniquely relay vital information to other ground units in real time. This information enables everyone involved to make better, more informed decisions, faster.

Thermal imaging cameras on drones can easily detect heat signatures on the ground, assisting officials in quickly and efficiently locating missing persons, or identifying likely fleeing drivers and vehicles based on heat signatures. With 10 different heat-sensitive palettes, officials also have the flexibility to switch between them depending on the weather, or gather more information as the situation develops.

Cost-Effective Law Enforcement Solutions

In the recent search for a missing autistic boy, the department was able to quickly use Autel's EVO II 640T drone to conduct a comprehensive search and locate the 15-year-old boy. It also played a vital role in the successful search and rescue of a stranded hiker in late November 2022.

The Autel EVO II 640T drone has become an indispensable tool for the Clarkstown Police Department, providing officers with a rapidly deployable aerial unit for situations and incidents that previously required helicopter air assistance, which required higher support costs or There is no air support at all.

The drone's versatility and wide range of capabilities make it an excellent tool for a variety of law enforcement applications, from search and rescue missions to tracking fugitives. It is cost-effective, with much lower operating costs, and is best suited to complement more traditional response strategies to broaden an agency's service portfolio.

Overall, the Autel EVO II 640T drone and the Clarkstown Police Department continue to enhance their ability to best serve the community. The EVO II 640T drone deployed by the Clarkstown Police Department is the second-generation drone. The latest drone model has reached Autel EVO II V3. The third-generation EVO II 640T drone has enhanced RGB imaging capabilities, The thermal image viewing mode and image transmission capability can better serve all walks of life and communities around the world.

Autel Robotics continues to innovate across its portfolio of enterprise-grade drones, cameras and related technologies to better serve industries and communities around the world.

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