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EVO II V3 Series for public safety

Next Generation Best Public Safety Drone: EVO II V3 Series

Autel Robotics is fully launching and improving the newly upgraded EVO II V3 series. This series of drones will be used as industrial drones and can be used in a variety of environments, especially in public safety matters. Let us take a look at the public EVO II V3 series drones with safety as the starting point.

The EVO II V3 series will be available in October 2022 and is already in use by first responders around the world. Various departments praised its usability, camera quality and reliability. The V3 chipset improves performance and adds new features that boost key functions.

Enhanced performance of EVO II Pro V3

Autel EVO II Pro V3 drone

EVO II Pro V3 still uses the one-inch CMOS 6K camera of EVO II Pro V2, which is very effective for aerial high-definition shooting. EVO II Pro V3 adds Moonlight Algorithm 2.0, which greatly improves the low-light performance at night, and the ISO range can be increased to 44000, which means that drones without thermal imaging lenses can see things clearly at night and save funding and improve situational awareness.

The enhanced low-light performance of the EVO II Pro V3 does not completely replace the benefits of thermal imaging, but it allows departments to save money and reduce the need for specialized equipment that takes longer to deploy.

The EVO II Pro V3 also features a pre-record feature where the camera feed is continuously saved for up to 30 seconds before live, so events can be captured moments before the operator hits 'record'.

Enhanced performance of EVO II 640T V3

Autel EVO II 640T V3

Drones with thermal imaging cameras are game changers for night operations, search and rescue, target tracking and K-9 watch. It allows pilots and military officers to spot people hiding in concealed locations, quickly scan outdoor areas, and monitor fires or emergencies.

The V3 chipset increases processing power to sharpen images from the 640x512 thermal camera, allowing operators to see more detail at all ranges. The thermal slider integrates a thermal and optical camera, allowing opacity to be adjusted. This allows operators to further adjust their camera settings as required for tasks, including thermal imaging of highly reflective glass objects.

This feature of EVO II 640T V3 can be used to monitor suspects in a standoff or hostage situation, or to inspect suspicious vehicles before dispatching officers.

The V3 chipset also offers more post-processing options, allowing analysts to see more detail for more accurate investigations.

EVO II V3 Series Dual Operator Setup

The EVO II V3 series will allow multi-controller operation, with one operator flying the drone and another operator controlling the camera. This upcoming feature will allow for the splitting of basic tasks, each with more focus. Pilots will be able to fly more safely in confined environments, and videographers will be able to spend more time scanning their surroundings for suspects.

Alternatively, a second controller can provide the commander with another screen to monitor the drone's field of view without the Live Deck.

The EVO II V3 series combined with the 360° obstacle avoidance camera can fully guarantee the safe driving of the quadcopter.

Live Deck 2 Streaming

The EVO II V3 series is compatible with the newly designed Live Deck V2. Autel's streaming platform allows an unlimited number of video feeds to be streamed to commanders, ground teams, support units and anyone else who needs to see the scene in real time.

The system can stream footage to an unlimited number of recipients on its secure encrypted system. It can also operate without cellular service, meaning the Live Deck can be used in remote areas.

Live Deck 2


  • Unlimited video feeds so multiple teams, departments or commanders can see the same footage in real time.
  • Cell phone service is not required, so it can operate hassle-free in remote areas.
  • Low-latency systems designed to boot quickly
  • The secure, self-contained system broadcasts on an encrypted frequency, ideal for sensitive information.

Autel drones maintain public safety

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