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Police drone evo ii 640t

Nottinghamshire Police Deploy Autel EVO II 640T 8K Drone

The Nottinghamshire Police Force has a 16-person drone team, and the Autel EVO II 640T 8K drone is a drone with high-definition imaging and thermal imaging dual lenses, which can serve the search and rescue and law enforcement of the police department.

Autel EVO II 640T Thermal Imaging Drone Responds to Law Enforcement Operations

Formed in January 2020, Nottinghamshire's police drone team has deployed more than 1,100 to support operations across the county, flying around 550 hours in the process. Police drone operators are proficient in driving police drones. With the help of high-power high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology, the drone team performs tasks such as tracking criminal suspects, recovering missing persons, recovering stolen vehicles, extinguishing and Multiple missions like tracking fires.

The Autel EVO II 640T thermal imaging drone is a small "backpack" unit that can be more easily carried on foot in difficult terrain and can be deployed faster than previous models.

Nottinghamshire Police drones team

Their spotlight and live streaming capabilities will prove particularly useful for surveillance, intelligence gathering and search and rescue operations.

In a police statement, PC Paul Henson said: "Since the team was established in January 2020, it has played a direct role in saving the lives of several high-risk missing persons.

"We've also opened up a wealth of new options for officers across the force, who now have greater freedom to request an additional eye in the sky, which gives them additional capabilities and reassurance.

Nottinghamshire Police drones team

"In the past, the only option we had to offer was police helicopters - an extremely expensive resource shared across the East Midlands.

"These newest additions to our fleet can be airborne in minutes or travel on foot to more challenging or remote search areas.

"As such, they will continue to revolutionize the way police work locally - while delivering great value for money to local residents."

Autel EVO II 640T Police Drones

The drone's aerial surveillance can clearly see the location of the suspect's target without revealing the location of the police. The drone's aerial footage shows how the police can effectively communicate with each other to get close to the target. Every suspect who tries to escape is hard to escape. Legal sanctions captured by camera.

Police use drones for educational demonstrations at schools

The Nottinghamshire Police Drone Squad leads an advanced drone team to visit children from Wainwright Primary School in Mansfield. Hands-on demonstrations of cutting-edge police drone technology wow every child's curiosity.

PC Henson, one of nearly 20 officers trained to fly police drones, explained how the machines are regularly used to find missing persons and criminal suspects.

Nottinghamshire Mini Police is an engagement program designed to give young children the opportunity to learn about their safety, their role in the community and how police work in the community to keep people safe.

As a member of the Small Police Program, Wainwright Primary Academy regularly hosts officers who come to talk about their work.

Nottinghamshire Police's drone visitation scheme will change the way children think about the police, breaking down any barriers that may exist, motivating them and getting them interested in police work.

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