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NPS-DDP, Autel Donate Drone Solution for Public Safety in New Jersey

NPS-DDP and Autel Join Forces in New Jersey's Public Safety Donation Drone Solution

Autel Robotics, National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP) team donates a drone to Seaside Park PD, NJ.

The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP), in partnership with Autel Robotics, Foxfury Lighting Solutions, SkyeBrowse and the Pilot Institute, donated a drone to the Seaside Park Police Department in New Jersey. Donations include lighting kits, FAA pilot courses and 3D modeling reality software.

Giving is scheduled for 9/26/22 at 10am at 1 Civic Plaza, Seaside Park, NJ. Representatives from Autel Robotics, Foxfury Lighting Solutions, SkyeBrowse, Pilot Institute and the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program will all be in attendance.

NPS-DDP, Autel Donate Drone Solution for Public Safety in New Jersey

Why does the Waterfront Park Police Department need drones?

The Waterfront Park Police Department is committed to providing the best service to our community. Seaside Park, New Jersey, with its vast ocean and very high population density, was the target of the Ahmad Khan Rahimi terror attack in 2016.

In a town where so many children go missing each year, the drones will give the police department a better chance of finding the kids in less time.

The 24/7 watch of the beach also needs the help of drones. Every minute of the struggle of those in distress is precious. Drones will allow police departments to pinpoint the exact location of individuals and drop flotation devices.

Speeches by representatives of participants at the scene of donating drones

"It is an honor to support underfunded public safety agencies across the country with lifesaving drone technology!" said Mark Langley, CEO of NPS-DDP!

“We are proud to support first responders across the country by providing life-saving equipment. We are also proud to be working with NPS-DDP as partners in this shared goal,” said John Simmons of Autel Robotics. "We consider the praise and trust that police and fire departments across the country have placed in our drones to be the greatest recognition we can receive, and we look forward to supporting the communities and those who serve them for many years to come."

"We are delighted to partner with NPS-DDP in the hope of bringing new technology to the sector where it can be used to keep the community safe. We will be donating a saddle and two D3060 lights," said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing, FoxFury Lighting Solutions. "FoxFury Lighting Solutions provides drone lighting tools for collision avoidance and search and rescue operations. Innovative, powerful, and purpose-built for small drone technology. An innovative solution for all your safety lighting needs, when seconds count and lives When times are at stake - FoxFury has the tools you need to save lives. Our lighting solutions are suitable for any industry that requires a portable, reliable lighting solution."

“We believe in the mission of NPS-DDP to help put lifesaving drone technology into the hands of public safety. We will be donating a six-month permit to the Seaside Police Department,” said SkyeBrowse CEO Bobby Ouyang. "The SkyeBrowse software solution allows the Department of Public Safety to capture mission-critical data for command personnel without the need for advanced training, and to produce highly accurate 3D models with just one tap in the SkyeBrowse app. The department cleaned up the crime scene in 90 seconds, Instead of 3 hours. Pre-planning made easy, 3-minute SkyeBrowse flights have been used to deploy snipers at events and spot hazmat runoff. With SkyeBrowse, clearing such scenarios is 90% faster.”

"The Pilot Institute is proud to support the NPS-DDP's efforts to provide public safety agencies with more resources and help them work more efficiently and safely," said Greg Reverdiau, Pilot Institute CEO. hundreds of public safety agencies and look forward to continuing to do so with the help of NPS-DDP."

"We are delighted to see donations from companies of all types supporting the NPSDDP's mission to help 'Serve Every Sector in Need'™. The generosity of such donations cannot be underestimated, as this kind of hardware provides support for those working hard to protect the communities they serve of people provide life-saving value,” Langley added. “Additionally, it provides a huge economic benefit in terms of saving man-hours. We encourage private citizens and any company, including public safety, to contact us to take back any unused drones and put them back into service. If we receive Any drone is not fit for public safety and we will be working with Women and Drones to donate these types of drones to STEM programs across the country to help benefit youth education."

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