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Mountain Fire

Firefighting Drones for Mountain Fire Rescue

Wildfire disasters pose serious personal risks and displacement problems and exacerbate air quality problems. The development of contemporary science and technology has brought new possibilities to disaster rescue, and firefighting drones are playing an increasingly important role in mountain fire rescue.

Firefighting drones support firefighting missions by locating hot spots, tracking on-site fires, tracing the origin of fires, predicting the direction and range of fire spread, and enabling early fire control and effective extinguishment.

Mountain Fire

Drones have the advantages of flexible flight, high-altitude overlooking, and high-definition shooting. Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras can effectively avoid close contact with fires, see potentially dangerous hot spots that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and reduce casualties.

What types of drones do firefighters use?

Firefighters commonly use thermal drones, also known as thermal imaging drones or thermal imaging cameras mounted on drones. These drones are equipped with specialized thermal sensors that can detect and capture infrared radiation emitted by objects, including fires.

Firefighting drones in wildfire management

Drones can provide functions such as real-time monitoring, information transmission and material delivery during wildfire rescue. This article will explore the role of drones in wildfire rescue and illustrate it with actual cases.

Drone for wildfire

1. How do drones monitor wildfires?

The drone is equipped with infrared, smoke sensors and other equipment, which can promptly monitor the fire situation in the early stages of wildfires, accurately locate the fire point, and transmit monitoring data to rescuers in real time through the image transmission function, helping the command center to make faster and more effective decisions. .

2. How do drones help fire scene investigation?

The drone can fly over the fire scene, and the high-definition camera records the real-time conditions of the fire scene, providing firefighters with detailed fire information and helping them formulate the best rescue plan.

3. Can drones deliver supplies in fire areas?

When wildfires spread rapidly and the terrain is complex, drones can take on the task of delivering supplies, delivering urgently needed relief supplies to the disaster area, reducing casualties and property losses.

Can Autel thermal imaging drones be used for wildfire rescue?

Autel thermal imaging drone series: Autel EVO II 640T series, Autel EVO MAX series. The thermal imager of Autel thermal imaging drone has a resolution of 640*512 and supports 10 thermal color palettes. Use Autel IRPC Tool to view thermal images. The Autel thermal imaging drone also supports 16x zoom, which can fully monitor fire changes at high altitudes and provide assistance for wildfire rescue.

Practical case: Australian bushfire rescue

From 2019 to 2020, serious wildfires broke out in Australia, causing huge casualties and property losses. During this wildfire situation, the Australian government extensively used drones for fire monitoring, surveying and material delivery. Drones cruise through the air to monitor the spread of fires in real time, assisting rescue teams in precise deployment, and minimizing the possibility of disaster expansion.


Drones play an irreplaceable role in wildfire rescue, improving rescue efficiency, reducing rescue costs, and bringing new possibilities to disaster rescue work. With the continuous innovation and advancement of technology, it is believed that drones will play an increasingly important role in the field of disaster relief, bringing more hope and possibilities for mankind to respond to various disasters.

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