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Autel Robotics EVO Max series

Autel Robotics EVO Max series has received C2 certification

Dear Autel Robotics Customer,

We would like to provide you with some important updates regarding our drone certification requirements and upcoming changes under EU drone regulations. Here's what you need to know:

We have just achieved the coveted C2 certification for our EVO Max series, marking a major milestone for Autel Robotics in complying with the European Drone Regulation (EU) 2019/945 (R945) and providing an enhanced user experience. Functionality and freedom lay the foundation for operation.

C2 certification for the EVO Max seriesinvolves firmware updates to ensure compliance with the latest regulatory standards. As a remote pilot, from 1 January 2024, the C2 class designation on the Evo Max is permitted in the "Open Category" (A2 sub-category) following successful online training, known as the A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC) Operations, as well as in the A3 subcategory. Please check your state aviation authority's website to find out how to take this training and exam. Training can be conducted in any EASA member state.

To meet these standards to achieve the stringent requirements of C2, Autel Robotics works with Applus, an EASA-approved notified body; they act on behalf of EASA and ensure that all requirements of C2 are tested and met before EASA awards the class mark.

How to apply for a C2 level identification label:

Step 1: Check and update your MAX aircraft firmware to the latest version V1.7.0.123.

Step 2: Check the color of the forearm LED indicator (when the aircraft is powered on).

Step 3: Visit Autel Robotics support and provide the following information for further verification.

1. Aircraft serial number; (Enter the remote control [More-Settings-More-About])

2. LED indicator picture;

3. Your shipping information.

4. Wait for further notification from the support team to obtain the final C2 tag.

With Autel Robotics taking the lead in achieving C2 certification for the EVO Max series, drone enthusiasts can look forward to an era of possibilities and simplified regulatory compliance. The C2 certification is in line with Autel Robotics’ commitment to providing users with cutting-edge technology while ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Next, Autel Robotics will strive to obtain more EU C certifications for the EVO II V3 series, EVO Nano series, and EVO Lite series as soon as possible, so that pilots can fly without worries!

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