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Autel Robotics Announces EVO Max 4T, Dragonfish NEST and EVO NEST at CES 2023

Autel Robotics Announces EVO Max 4T, Dragonfish NEST and EVO NEST at CES 2023

CES is one of the most influential technology events. Autel Robotics announced EVO Max 4T, Dragonfish NEST and EVO NEST at CES 2023.

EVO Max 4T is an advanced enterprise drone, while Dragonfish NEST and EVO NEST are platforms for drones to fly and land and plan autonomous missions. The release of EVO Max 4T, Dragonfish NEST and EVO NEST shows us the deep cultivation of Autel Robotics in the research and development of drone industry applications.

EVO Max 4T

autel max 4t

The EVO Max 4T is a smart, innovative flying platform ideal for enterprise and prosumer applications. EVO Max 4T targets the enterprise drone market, equipped with advanced autonomous flight technology and artificial intelligence functions to give it strong autonomy and navigation capabilities.

Autel EVO Max 4T also has omni-directional obstacle avoidance and three anti-interference capabilities (RFI/EMI/GPS), which can achieve stable flight in high-interference environments such as urban areas.

Autel Robotics EVO MAX 4T at CES 2023

The Autel Max 4T has a multifunctional payload bay for remote control of the drone using the Autel Enterprise App. EVO Max 4T can perform multiple semi-autonomous flight missions, autonomous pathfinding, live broadcast and target acquisition, and also includes various intelligent assistance functions. Potential applications for the EVO Max 4T include search and rescue, fire support, mapping and inspection.

EVO Max 4T's high-quality imaging, intelligent functions

Autel EVO Max 4T Camera

EVO Max 4T is equipped with three high-quality cameras: 48MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom, 160x digital zoom and 1/2" CMOS sensor; 50MP wide-angle camera with 1/1.28" CMOS sensor and 3840x2160 video resolution; and a An infrared camera with a resolution of 640x512 and a ranging distance of 1.2 km. EVO Max 4T also has a series of intelligent navigation and data collection functions, including 3D flight path, PinPoint Mode, Team Work, Polygon Mission, Waypoint Mission and Oblique Photography.

Part of the intelligent planning tasks of EVO Max 4T will be realized with the firmware update.

Dragonfish NESTDragonfish NEST

Dragonfish NEST will be a platform specially designed by Autel Robotics for Dragonfish series to take off, charge and deploy tasks. Autel Dragonfish is a tilt-rotor VTOL drone that was released at CES 2021.

Dragonfish Nest is the world's first automated eVTOL support system, with a range of up to 75 miles between Dragonfish Nest units, combining the high performance of Dragonfish aircraft with autonomous takeoff, landing, charging and flying missions. The Dragonfish Nest is ideal for remote hallway inspections and large area coverage.



EVO NEST can be used by EVO series, and it is the base for automatic take-off, landing, charging and mission planning of EVO series drones. Waterproof and dustproof, EVO NEST is designed for 24/7 operation. A fleet of multiple EVO NESTs and drones can be deployed for fully automated flight planning. The EVO NEST is designed to be lightweight enough to be easily transported in a standard pickup truck.

EVO NEST and Dragonfish NEST are powered by SkyCommand Center software. Autel also announced a range of accessories at CES 2023, including the Dragonfish repeater and the Autel Smart Antenna Transmission (ASAT) system.

Meet the EVO Max 4T at CES 2023

Autel Robotics invites friends and customers to see the EVO Max 4T and all these new products at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The show runs January 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Location: LVCC Central Hall

Booth: 18315

Date: January 5-8, 2023

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