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Drone Controller Radio Transmitter Guide

Drone Controller Radio Transmitter Guide

Drone controllers (also known as transmitter radios or radios) allow you to control your drone remotely. If you purchase a branded drone, you will usually have a corresponding remote control. If you DIY your drone or buy an off-brand drone, you can find tons of drone multi-channel transmitter receivers for sale. Let's find out more!

What is a drone controller?

When we get a drone controller, we realize that a drone controller is built pretty much like a gamepad, but it's much more than that.

drone controller

In terms of shape, the drone controller includes the body, Stick, antenna, etc. A powerful drone remote controller will come with a certain size of display for better operating experience. For smart drone remotes, there are more manipulation buttons and interfaces on the remote control, support for third-party apps, and more.

The remote control is the backbone of drone operation, enabling pilots to perform complex flights and capture stunning aerial footage with ease and confidence. Whether you're flying for leisure, commercial photography, or critical inspections, the quality and compatibility of your remote control can dramatically affect your flying experience.

What are drone radio transmitters and receivers?

The drone remote control itself is transmitting the radio. The remote control transmits radio commands and the quadcopter receives the radio signals to fly up and down, left and right or hover in the air.

Radio transmitters or radios are the main control link between the pilot and the drone. They transmit movements from your remote control joystick commands to the drone in the air!

drone radio transmitters and receivers

Amateurs, beginners and professionals purchasing drone remotes, receivers and RC parts and accessories are best advised to choose original and genuine equipment, especially from leading drone brands such as DJI, Autel, FLIR and senseFly to avoid incompatible communication protocols.

Autel Drone Remote Control Description

Drone remotes and receivers are essential tools for mastering flight, capturing footage and navigating precise paths.

The Autel drone series includes the EVO series, EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, EVO II series, EVO Max series, and Autel Dragonfish series.

Autel drone series

As a result, there are also corresponding models of drone remotes. This includes the EVO I Remote Controller, EVO Nano & Lite Series Remote Controller, EVO II Remote Controller, Autel Smart Controller V2/SE/V3, Autel 9.7” Ground Control Station.

Autel RC

The drone controller is the command center for your aerial adventures. From pairing the drone with the remote control to becoming proficient in drone remote control operation, it is only important for every drone pilot.

Autel Drone Remote Controls For Sale

The Autelpilot Store is currently offering Autel Smart Remote Control accessories for sale! Autel drone pilots can choose the Autel Smart Controller SE/V3 for your EVO II V3 drone!

autel smart controller se

Autel Robotics Smart Controller SE for EVO II V3

$699.00 USD

6.4-inch OLED touch screen | 8-core processor | SkyLink 2.0 15KM | 3rd party Apps | IP43 rating Buy Now
autel smart controller v3

Autel Robotics Smart Controller V3

$1,199.00 USD

7.9 inch Ultra-HD | 2000nits | 128GB | 4.5 hours | SkyLink 2.0 15KM | 3rd party Apps Buy Now

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